Can I only endure toothache during pregnancy?

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Even dealing with zombies … Of course, the movie is more exaggerated.Do we keep the pregnant mothers who are not in real life on the stage in the movie so many colorful?Yes, if you are free, you ca n’t do the two:

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Especially under the care (supervision) of pregnant women’s mothers and mother -in -law, toothache to see a teeth even can be regarded as "not listening to the old man’s words" rebellion.In fact, the elders’ concerns can be understood, but it is not always scientific.I hope that there are fewer and less expectant mothers who have endured pain in "afraid of getting pregnant."

What can I do during pregnancy?

If you want to stay away from toothache during pregnancy, you must start preparing from preparing for pregnancy ~

I only know that foothication is supplemented, and wherever I wear radiation uniforms, buying baby daily necessities … Whenever I have not added oral examination, I am all counterfeit.

Do not ignore oral examination

To do oral examination, the more comprehensive the better, it is important to eliminate hidden dangers.Look at the dentist about half a year in advance, so as to find early and deal with it in time.

① Washing tooth: System periodontal treatment -prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease during pregnancy.During pregnancy, due to changes in hormones in the body, the increase in estrogen (estrogen and progesterone) will cause blood to flow to the gums, making the gums more sensitive to any possible stimulating substances.Gingival hyperplasia is prone to various periodontal diseases, and periodontal examinations and systematic treatment during pregnancy are very important.

The pathogenic bacteria of periodontitis, and the toxic metabolites it produced, can enter the blood through the inner wall of the ulcer erosion, and flow to all parts of the body as the blood flows to the body.Once the placenta affects the embryo, severe periodontitis may cause premature or even abortion.

② Follee: Caries are filled, and the root canal treatment is improved -a major culprit caused by toothache during pregnancy, and deepening deepening deepening reaching nerves cause pain.

③ Tooth extraction: Those who cannot be retained and the hidden dangers with crown inflammation should be pulled out, so as not to make trouble during pregnancy to make trouble.The wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan caught up with the pregnancy, tortured you, you can’t open your mouth, you can’t sleep, you can’t eat it …

If you have a missing teeth, you must repair it in time. If you eat well and digest, you can help the fetus growth and development.

In addition to the above, we must keep oral cleaning, especially pregnant mothers who love sour, and remember to insist on brushing your teeth correctly with a soft hair toothbrush in the morning and evening.

What can I do during pregnancy?

Can it be corrected during pregnancy?

The changes in hormone levels during pregnancy make the gums more red, swollen and inflamed if the oral hygiene is not good.Treasury orthodontics will increase the difficulty of oral hygiene care. However, if you can well maintain oral hygiene and your orthodontic scheme does not need to extraction, correction of your teeth during pregnancy is completely unhindered.If the orthodontic scheme needs to be extracted, and the fetal condition is unstable, it is best to "unload" and then orthogonal.

Can I get my teeth during pregnancy?

You can also extract teeth during pregnancy, but you generally avoid the three months before and after pregnancy, and tooth extraction is safer when you are pregnant from April to June.Because the risks of abortion and premature birth in the early and later periods will be very high, I am afraid that doctors are willing to bear the risk of getting tooth for you.If you encounter problems such as wisdom tooth crown inflammation, doctors will be kept conservative and only do some emergency treatment.It is still not unplugged. You need to determine according to the specific situation of each person’s teeth. After you find the tooth problems, you should see it in time. After consulting the doctor, you decide.

Can I wash their teeth during pregnancy?

Yes, in the case of the necessary (affecting the health of your health), it is best to be in the middle of the pregnancy (the fetus should not lie down for a long time after three months in the first three months).Pregnant mothers can wash their teeth in regular hospitals.

You still need to pay attention to seeing your teeth during pregnancy:

1. Inform dentists that are currently pregnant.Doctors will choose the right medicine according to your specific situation.

2. It is safe to use painkillers, anesthesia, etc. during pregnancy. Instead, it is not good for the fetus to endure pain.

The oral health care of expectant mothers is very important, and it is related to the healthy growth and development of the baby.If oral problems occur, contact the dentist in time.

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