Can I only endure when I encounter a toothache?Detailed interpretation of common oral problems during pregnancy

Many pregnant mothers are worried and confused about oral problems during pregnancy. For example, can dentist during pregnancy?Does an image check hurt the baby?Can it be treated?

These common oral problems during pregnancy, let Jia Huijun answer today!

First of all, the most common is gingivitis, and gingivitis during pregnancy is also called "pregnancy gingivitis".

Q. Why do gingivitis occur during pregnancy?

This is because the progesterone in the body during pregnancy increases, and the gums are the target organs of progesterone, which makes our gums more sensitive.

Although not every pregnant woman during pregnancy, from recent years of survey data, cases of pregnant women suffering from gingivitis during pregnancy and lactation have increased year by year.

Gingivitis during pregnancy usually starts in the second month of pregnancy, and in the 8th month, it becomes more serious with hormone secretion concentration.

Q. How to avoid gingivitis during pregnancy?

If there are many teeth and dental stones during pregnancy, and there are already mild gingivitis, under the stimulation of progesterone, the inflammatory reactions of the gums will be more intense and obvious.Severe gingivitis is manifested as spherical in the gingival, redness and swelling, and it is easy to bleed, even pain, and pus.

In addition, if the stimulus such as dental calculus is not cleared in time, gum inflammation has not faded, and repeatedly, the swollen gums may even form tumor proliferation, we call it a pregnancy gingival tumor.After the end of pregnancy, if the basic treatment of gingival tumors cannot be removed, it must be removed through surgery.

Q. Can gingivitis be treated during pregnancy?

Gingitis develops periodontitis without treatment.

Pregnant women’s oral health not only has a relationship, but also directly affects the growth and development of infants and young children.Studies have found that mild dental inflammation may increase the danger of limited growth and low birth weight.

When pregnant women have severe periodontitis, the impact is more significant.Pregnant women with periodontal disease, the danger of the fetal growth disorders is about twice that of pregnant women with perimeter -free disease.If pregnant women start at the beginning of pregnancy, they will suffer from severe periodontal disease or periodontal periodontal disease during pregnancy, and the risk of fetal growth disorders can increase by 6-10 times.

Due to the short period of safety of oral treatment in pregnant women, it should go to a regular hospital before pregnancy to conduct comprehensive oral examination and health treatment to restore oral health.

When you suffer from periodontal disease after pregnancy, you must go to a regular hospital in time. You must not tolerate it. When the baby is born, the concept of treatment is given to treatment.

So when the gum swelling occurs during pregnancy, when is the safety of the teeth is safe?

We believe that 4-6 months of pregnancy are a relatively safe period, and ultrasonic washing can be washed.

Therefore, if you have symptoms such as gums, swelling, bleeding, and other symptoms in the early pregnancy, you can make an appointment to wash your teeth during this period to avoid the possibility of developing gingival tumors or periodontitis.

The second common problem is the wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan.

Why are long wisdom teeth so prone to inflammation and even fever?Where does inflammation come from?Why are you tired of inflammation?Why are some wisdom teeth crooked?

Q. Why is the wisdom teeth crooked?

The long crooked wisdom teeth are the obstructive teeth we call. As the name suggests, it is a tooth that is hindered during the sprouting process. What hinders it?

As modern food is getting more and more fine, human beings no longer need a lot of energy to chew food, so our jaw has evolved smaller and smaller.

But unfortunately, at the same time as the maxillary bone becomes smaller, the rate of evolution of wisdom teeth has not kept up, resulting in no room for wisdom teeth to grow. It can only grow out, and even buried in the mandibular bone that can not come out at all.

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As can be seen from the figure above, this wisdom teeth grow to half. Due to various reasons, such as the resistance of soft tissue, it stopped germination when it grows.

Some of the gums are covered on the teeth, forming a blind bag, food residue and bacteria cannot be removed after entering, and brushing can not be removed, resulting in internal bacteria breeding.

When the resistance falls in pregnancy, the bacterial toxic force in the blind bag burst out, it is prone to inflammation, swelling and pain, and severe gap infection can also be caused, manifested as half -sideline swelling or even restricted mouth.

Q. What should I do if I have inflammation during pregnancy?

If it is early in the inflammation, we can rinse the medicine locally, mainly to rush out of the food residues and bacteria in the blind bag, and then take some drugs to inhibit inflammation to relieve inflammation.

If the expectant mother has experienced wisdom toothyfenic inflammation before pregnancy, but has not unplugged the wisdom teeth, what can I do now to prevent wisdom toothyitis?

We suggest that you can buy a flushing device, brush your teeth every day, and rush more in the wisdom teeth. Keep the cleaning in the blind bag as much as possible, which can effectively reduce the risk of inflammation of wisdom tooth.

In addition, pay attention to rest and increase resistance.If inflammation is getting more and more severe or even limited to face swelling, you must use antibiotics, otherwise it is likely to endanger life!

The third problem is pulpitis, which is what we usually call dental nerve inflammation.

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Do not look at the tooth decay, from shallow caries, to middle caries, to deep caries, and finally bacteria entering the dental nerves will cause dental nerve inflammation.

This is actually a long process. The teeth have given you a lot of opportunities to repair it, but you do not cherish it. When you hurt the pain, you can regret it.

As the saying goes, toothache is not sick, it is really terrible when it hurts. It is said that this tooth pain can be so painful that you can’t sleep.

And this pain is radioactive and cannot be clearly positioned. Many people are obviously inflamed on the top of the teeth. They will feel that it is the lower tooth pain. This is a typical pain of dental nerve inflammation.

Q. What should I do if my dental nerves are inflamed during pregnancy?

Doctors will make a hole in your teeth and let inflammation drain out, which can effectively relieve pain.However, the process of this hole is actually very painful, so it is necessary to take anesthetic when necessary.

After the inflammation has a drainage channel, we will first take a soothing medicine in this hole.But root canal therapy, that is, the nerves, still need to wait until the end of the pregnancy.

Because root canal therapy generally requires two or three times, each time you need to take anesthetic, and you need to take X -rays to determine whether the treatment is in place.Therefore, for the sake of safety, choose to be treated after pregnancy.

Not only should we pay attention to nutritional intake during pregnancy, but also pay attention to oral hygiene.

1. Hard work and cleaning, brushing your mouth mouthwash

In some places, pregnant women cannot brush their teeth, and brushing will fall into "confinement disease".But in fact, pregnant women can not only brush their teeth as ordinary people, but also should also brush more carefully.

Brush your teeth twice a day, clean the gap between your teeth or flush dental device, and rinse your mouth after eating. This is not only beneficial to oral care, but also reduces or reduces the occurrence and development of oral diseases.

In addition, after pregnancy, the oral hygiene should be cleaned in time to prevent the impact of vomit on the health of teeth.Diligence is helpful to reduce morning vomiting. Toothbrushes can choose small and soft toothbrushes to avoid stimulating vomiting.

2. Pay attention to diet and medication

After the early pregnancy response, many expectant mothers will become very "nagging". They like to eat snacks. At this time, try to control themselves, eat less sugar -containing snacks, and eat more foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin B and calcium.

At the same time, the following figure is the safety grading of medication during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can be used as a reference:

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1. Preparation period

Total inspection (including filming-optional) with a periodic periodic detection. If there are dental caries or periodontal problems, it is necessary to treat it in time. The level of progesterone during pregnancy will increase, which will cause gum inflammation to explode. Therefore, oral treatment should be performed as soon as possible during pregnancy.

2. Early pregnancy (2-3 months)

E progression has begun to increase during 2 months. It is recommended that pregnant mothers check the periodontal period during the early pregnancy to prevent gums and periodontitis.

3. In the second trimester (4-6 months)

Oral examination and arrange dental cleaning.

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