Can I raise cats and dogs in pregnancy?Will it cause abortion or deformity?The answer is all here

I don’t know when it started, pregnancy and cats and dogs have become indispensable.

I often hear "Don’t raise cats and dogs if you are pregnant, be careful of hormone infections."

Regarding this problem, many people who search on the Internet are also doubtful. ↓↓↓

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The folk has always circulated the saying that "cats and dogs are animals, and the body will carry bacteria to cause pregnant women to infect hormone horses and cause children’s malformations or abortion." Is the bow -shaped worm really as terrible as the legend?

Regarding whether cats and dogs will endanger pregnant women, today’s incident must be made clear …

What is Toxoplasma?

Toxoplasma disease, also known as toxoplasma, and Toxin, is a human and beast caused by a beast caused by the rigid bowworm in a variety of animals.

The disease can infect people and almost all the constant temperature vertebrates.

According to statistics, in 2009, the world ’s population was infected with toxoplasma, and the average infection rate of the population of the population in 2005 was 7.88%.

But don’t be too panic, because humans and animals can obtain lifelong immunity after the infection of Toxoplasma. When infected again, the bowworm will be cleared in time by the immune system.

How is a hormone infected with humans?

First of all, from the perspective of growth and development, the main stage of the end of the host and the middle host:

At the end of the host stage, cats are the main source of infection of Toxoplasma.

The toxoplasma is reproduced in the cat family, producing a large amount of firing oval sac. It is discharged with the feces. Under the appropriate conditions, it can be hatched into sporeized oval sacs in nature and stored for a long time.

In the middle host stage, people, cats, dogs, pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken, etc.

These spores of ovation, the middle host of the toxoplasma worm infected, after entering the intestine, the toxoplasma worms continuously develop and breed the intestinal mucosa to spread to the whole body with the blood or lymph, and can also be parasitic in the brain, heart, lung, lymph nodes, etc.Any place with nuclear cells continues to grow and reproduce, and then develop into a bag in the middle of the main body.

The spread between humans and animals mainly includes:

Digestive tract communication: ingesting of raw or unsusity foods is a major source of infection of human animals and animals.

Contact transmission: Cats infected with Toxoplasma are closely exposed to contact with cats.

People and people are transmitted vertically by congenital maternal and infants, that is, placenta transmission.In addition, blood transfusion and organ transplantation may also spread.

Do you really can’t raise cats and dogs when you are pregnant?

The answer is: Yes, but not everyone!

Because the dog is the middle host of the bowworm, it cannot be discharged from the contagious bag, so you don’t need to worry too much.

Cats that have not been infected or have been infected very early can be raised during pregnancy, but they must be raised, feed pet food or cooked food, and avoid cats out for food or find puppets.

The probability of pregnant women infection of Toxoplasma is the same as others, and it may not affect the fetus after infection.

If a woman has been infected with Toxoplasma before pregnancy, immunity will form in the body, but it will protect the fetus from infection.

What needs to be emphasized here is that if you are infected with Toxoplasma for the first time during pregnancy or during pregnancy, it may cause great harm to the fetus. It is recommended not to raise cats for the time being.

What are the consequences of pregnant women’s hormone infection?

Pregnant women’s toxoplasma infection is mainly vertical transmission through congenital maternal and infants.

Congenital Toxoplasma disease refers to the infection of the gastrointestinal tract of the fetus through the placenta barrier or amniotic fluid. The fetal development will be damaged to varying degrees and even die.

Most people do not show obvious symptoms after infection, but people with low immune function may cause deterioration of the disease. After pregnant women infection, premature birth, abortion, fetal development deformity, etc.

Therefore, it is recommended to perform serot learning TORCH test during pregnancy.

How to prevent hormone infections?

1. Family animals regularly go to regular institutions for physical examination, deworming, and do not feed cats for cats.

2. Pay attention to personal protection. After going out or exposed to raw meat, especially after processing cat feces, you should wash your hands thoroughly.

3. Change the bad eating habits, pay attention to the separation of raw cooked, not consumption of immortal animal meat, and not drinking uninterrupted dairy products.

do you understand?

In fact, pregnancy is not enough to raise A cats and dogs

But be sure to raise pets scientifically!

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