Can I raise cats during pregnancy?

Cats, as a cute and cold pet, are loved by people at all ages.As a kind of home -raising, when it brings happiness and tenderness, it has also been questioned by many people.No matter which APP during pregnancy, a series of disputes will appear on the app.So can you really raise a cat during pregnancy?

The most worried about cats during pregnancy is the three cases: infection, many bacteria, and cat activity that cause pregnant women to be injured.For these three cases, we will analyze them one by one.

Although the toxoplasma worm is a parasitic parasite that can cause people and animals, it can only be transmitted by cats that can only be infected with the infection of Toxoplasma.The way of infection of Toxoplasma is not only derived from cats’ feces, but also from eating half -lifetime unheated meat, unshibited milk, and no clean fruits.Normal people have no obvious symptoms in infection, but pregnant women infection will be transmitted to the fetus.

Families who have cats and prepare for pregnancy at home should go to the hospital for bow -shaped worms to ensure whether to be infected.For cats infected with toxoplasma, we must understand these: Cats can only exclude feces containing eggs when they are infected with bowworms for the first time, and they can only be lined up once in their lifetime.If you want to be infected, the pregnant woman should be exposed to the feces (incubation) that has been lined up for 1-2 days. When cleaning, the hand is exposed to the feces, and the hands are cleaned without washing.You can be infected by this step!And the cat’s cat can’t reach the outside at all, and the chance of infection with a bowworm is small!

This is really nonsense for bacteria, and the environment is full of bacteria all the time.This cat activity is also unrealistic. Cats rarely jump at home. How should the kittens at home should be very clear.For more lively cats, shoveling officers can reduce the time and strength of playing with cats.

The conditions for infection of Toxoplasma are really harsh. After the first infection, it will not be infected, and the same is true for cats.With the normal foundation of the cat, it is not a problem at all to clean up the cat dung in time.You can raise cats during pregnancy!

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