Can I still have baby with kidney disease?

Huasheng Online March 9th (Volkswagen Health News Client · Huasheng Online Correspondent Yang Ling) "Doctor, I have chronic kidney disease, and the renal function is still a bit bad, can I conceive the second child?" Recently, the first in Changsha CityIn the hospital’s nephrotic rheumatism clinic, Ms. Liao proposed her confusion to Huang Yinghong, director and chief physician of the hospital at the hospital.

It is reported that Ms. Liao is 28 years old and intends to have another second child, but she is worried about having kidney disease.Huang Yinghong introduced that the incidence of pregnancy complications in patients with chronic kidney disease is higher than that of ordinary people. Therefore, it is necessary to accept complete and professional pregnancy management. With the joint support of multi -disciplinary, we can ensure the safety of mothers and infants in pregnancy.

Huang Yinghong introduced that many common chronic kidney disease occurs in women of childbearing age, and difficulty in handling will harm the health of mother and baby.Patient’s renal function (staging of kidney disease), whether it is combined with hypertension and proteinuria on pregnancy ending, the more difficult to control the blood pressure, and the greater the risk of patients with adverse pregnancy in patients with adverse pregnancy.Among the causes of chronic kidney disease, lupus nephritis and diabetic nephropathy and other systemic diseases have the most significant impact.

So if you have chronic kidney disease, can you not get pregnant?In fact, Huang Yinghong said that for the early stage of the disease (phase 1 ~ 2), there is only mild kidney damage, the renal function before pregnancy, normal blood pressure control, and patients with urine protein quantitative <1 grams/24 hours.However, it is still necessary to recognize the risk of pregnancy and closely monitoring.

In addition, patients with other diseases are recommended to suspend pregnancy: patients with difficulty controlling hypertension need to control blood pressure normally and prepare for pregnancy; patients with proteinuria need to be controlled until the treatment of urine protein quantitative <1 grams/24 hours at least 6 at least 6Preparation of pregnancy in a month; activity lupus erythematosus has the risk of increasing recurrence of kidney disease, premature birth and premature eclampsia, so it is necessary to reaches the state of the disease and the stability of the condition is close to the state of the state for at least 6 months before preparing for pregnancy.Patients with a stage 3 ~ 5 stage of chronic kidney disease, patients with diabetic nephropathy with severe renal dysfunction, and patients with hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are not recommended for pregnancy.

Huang Yinghong also said that even patients with chronic kidney disease meet the conditions of pregnancy, the incidence of pregnancy complications is still higher than ordinary people.Patients need to accept complete, professional pregnancy management, including pre -pregnancy management, pregnancy management, childbirth management and postpartum management, etc. Only with the joint support of multi -disciplines can they ensure that chronic kidney disease is healthy and safe, healthy, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, and safe.Essence

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