Can I still have children for X -ray and CT examination?

In modern society, everyone pays more and more attention to health. Every year, units will arrange conventional health checkups.There is an indispensable project during the medical examination, chest thyroid examination or X -ray flat -sized examination.

We all know that the X -ray examination is radiating. Many couples who are preparing for children will have a lot of questions:

Does X -ray inspection affect sperm quality?

Can the X -ray check be a child immediately?

After the X -ray is not pregnant, can the child want it?

Before answering these questions, let’s take a look at X -ray films and CT -related knowledge.

Radiation of X -ray or CT

All belong to "ionization radiation"

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Ionizing radiation can induce DNA damage, cause chromosomal malformation in the body in the human body, and cause apoptosis of sperm cells. The degree of damage increases significantly with the increase in the ejaculation dose.

Sperm cells are very sensitive to ionizing radiation.After receiving a large dose of ionizing radiation, the human body usually reaches the lowest point 4 to 6 months after being illuminated, and it takes 10 to 18 months to fully recover.

Therefore, if a large dose of exposure or long -term low -dose radiation in a short period of time may lead to male infertility.

For example, the nuclear leak of the nuclear power plant is a large dose of radiation, and doctors who have been engaged in intervention for a long time can also be regarded as long -term contact with low -dose radiation. These are greater risks.

The radiation of CT and X -ray films belongs to ionizing radiation. Once X -rays or CT check this low -dose radiation, the impact on preparation can be ignored.

Radiation of X -ray or CT check

How big is it?

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There is a very classic word: aside from the dosage and toxicity, it is a hooligan.

The concept of THRESHOLD Effects, which means, means that under this dose, it is regarded as not harmful to the human body; exceeding the threshold, the degree of damage is proportional to the dose.

CT and X -ray films are checked by radioactive substances. The radiation dose of CT is much larger than X -ray films. Sometimes, for medical diagnosis, doctors also have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and patients will only need to be in a short time in a short time in a short time.CT inspections are performed in multiple times.

It is generally believed that the threshold of intellectual impact on the fetus is 0.2 to 0.4 gy.The medical examination X -ray, chest and CT we receive in the hospital are below 0.05 GY. It is a low -dose radiation and is a reversible damage. Theoretically, it can be fully recovered after stopping radiation for a period of time. It is not too large to the body.Influence.

It should be noted that the principle of magnetic resonance inspection (MRI) and CT examinations are different. It is not a check -up of ionizing radiation, and there will be no possible harm of ionizing radiation.The influence of germ cells.

Do not need to change the pregnancy preparation plan because of one check

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Regardless of men or women, there is an X -ray or CT examination, and there is no need to delay pregnancy.

If you have conducted many such inspections in a short period of time, such as some diseases, you need to perform several CT examinations to confirm the diagnosis, or perform some surgery. You need to use X -ray equipment for assistance during the operation. In these cases, you need to prepare for pregnancy. You need to prepare for pregnancy.Pay attention properly.

The entire development cycle of the sperm is about 3 months; the mature sperm survives in the body is generally about 2 weeks. The mature sperm that is irradiated will be gone after a maximum of two weeks; the immature sperm, mostly if it is illuminated, mostUnable to develop.

For the sake of insurance, after receiving multiple medical radiation examinations in a short period of time, you can wait for 3 months to check the sperm vitality before preparing to get pregnant.

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