Can I still raise a cat when I am pregnant?After reading it, decide

Gow -shaped worm is a round -shaped single -cell native animal, which is larger than virus bacteria. Because it can have sexual reproduction, it is called native animals, also known as the original worm, and it must stay in the cells of warm blood animals to survive.5-90%of the world’s population has been infected, especially residents who like to eat raw meat or live in a warm zone.

The symptoms of infection of arch disease are not obvious, so they are often ignored.The infection rate of pregnant women is about 40%.Gow -shaped worms can pass the placenta, so there are many fetal infection rates, about 25 ~ 60%. These pregnant women and fetuses usually have no discomfort, so everyone does not care, and it is also unfamiliar with it.However, if pregnant women are infected in the early stages of pregnancy, congenital bowwormy disease will hurt the fetus very much, such as eye diseases, deafness, convulsions, hepatochometer, jaundice, etc.

Gow -shaped worms are hidden in all corners in cyst wore, including the muscle layer of animals, with strong vitality, environmental permission, and can maintain it for more than a year.It is interesting that it can only be fertilized and reproduced in the cat’s gastrointestinal wall cells, and there is no infectious power at this time.It will be discharged with the stool of the cat to pollute the surrounding environment.If a person accidentally eats half -lifetime and is not familiar with or exposed to pollutants, the cyst wore will spread the whole body with the human lymph and the blood system, causing the eyes and muscles.

Pregnant women have this disease, and their symptoms often seem to have a cold, but they are likely to cause abortion, thrombosis and asthma.When the fetus has congenital bowwormy disease, the eyes are susceptible to the eyes and the eyes will be blind, and the brain is vulnerable.Although most of the infected fetuses have no symptoms, after birth, suspicious cases must receive a year -long drug treatment, so as to effectively control the condition and not cause sequelae.

Toxoplasma cysta is not effective in the cat’s infectious force in the cat body.Pet cats may also be just eating blood steaks, sashimi, and meat -shabu -shabu -back pots that you eat. In order to maintain the health of the fetus, you can do the following points.

1. Pregnant women with a cat must be screened by blood.If negative, repeat every three months during pregnancy until postpartum.If positive, it means that it has been infected.

2. Do not contact the cats that have been lying on, the vegetables and fruits must be washed.

3. Before eating, wash your hands thoroughly.

4. Frozen the meat after the night and then cooked enough cooked, which can be cooked thoroughly, which can greatly reduce the probability of infection of the infection

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