Can I take medicine during a cold during pregnancy?Can VS breastfeeding cold be feed?What are your tricks

After women are pregnant, their physical resistance decreases, it is easy to feel fatigue, and it is easy to get a cold.Colds are not a big deal for ordinary people, but pregnant moms have different colds. Because of the special situation during pregnancy, they ca n’t take medicine casually. Many times the pregnant mommy can only carry it.However, if you ignore the cold during pregnancy, the increase of the cold is also not good for the health of the mother and baby.

Generally speaking, drugs for 3 months of pregnancy are disabled, because these 3 months are the critical period of embryonic formation.If pregnant mothers have a cold, they are not particularly heavy, and non -drug therapy can be adopted, such as some safety recipes or diet therapies for colds for colds.

If the cold is particularly serious and not good for a long time, go to the doctor.When you see a doctor, you must tell the doctor that you are pregnant. The doctor will treat it according to your situation. Even if the medicine is prescribed, the doctor will prescribe some medicines that pregnant moms can take.

In addition, pregnant moms should pay attention to the rules of work and rest, exercise properly, and improve their resistance, so that it is not easy to catch a cold!

The most afraid of mothers during breastfeeding is the illness. Once she is sick, she dares not take medicine, dares not to get an injection, and she is afraid to transmit the "sickness" to the little guy accidentally.

Cold and fever is the most common disease. Bao Ma accidentally recruited it. Once you have a cold, can Baoma continue to feed the baby?Will it be transmitted to the child?

If the breastfeeding mother can continue to breastfeed if it is a normal cold, because the cold virus will not be transmitted to the child through milk.And when breastfeeding mothers suffer from ordinary colds and fever, they must breastfeed their baby normally, because at this time your milk has produced antibodies that resist the virus. If the baby eats such milk, he will get the antibody in the mother’s body.The immunity to resist disease was reduced by her mother’s infection.

It is particularly noted that when you are close to your baby, you must bring a mask, especially at breastfeeding.Because ordinary colds spread through droplets, so as not to cough or sneeze the virus to the baby when they accidentally cough or sneeze.It can be said that it is very safe to wear a mask!

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