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Not to have a baby

You don’t know what to eat into your belly

How "horrible"!

Lift a chestnut

I before pregnancy

Once also a king

After pregnancy

Before eating, you can take a silver needle to test the poison

Especially when you are sick, you need to take medicine!

I heard that no medicine can be taken during pregnancy

Many expectant mothers are sick

But can only carry hard

There is only one reason

But is there really no other choice?

It must be possible.

Contrary to rumors, medication during pregnancy is to protect pregnant women and fetal health, because many diseases can be solved by hard resistance.

However, there will be certain risks during pregnancy. Therefore, the benefits of accurate balance of medication and evaluation risks are the correct attitude of medication during pregnancy.


The risk of each couple born with defects is 3%-5%, that is, even if there is no medication, there will be risk of birth defects.

Some diseases of mothers, such as epilepsy or depression, will increase the risk of birth defects if they are not treated.


The time for medication during pregnancy is critical, not every period of medication will cause birth defects.


A drug that causes birth defects must be satisfied:

Among the pregnant women taking this drug, 3%-5%of the fetus has birth defects; there is a certain teratogenic model; enough dosage must be given;Once the organ development is completed, the impact of these drugs on the fetus is no different from children or adults.

Most drugs do not have a direct adverse effect on the fetus, and the examples of fetal malformations or other complications are almost minimal due to drugs caused by drugs.

In other words, there are few examples that cause fatal effects on pregnant women and fetuses because of taking medicines during pregnancy, but this is not guaranteed to be 100 % safety.

The US Food and Drug Administration has made several categories on medication during pregnancy, which can be used as a guide for medication during pregnancy.

Most drugs are Class C.When treatment is needed during pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant women take Class B and C drugs.

However, when pregnant women suffering from epilepsy have eaten epilepsy, although they may have malformed children, if they are not taken, in case of disease seizures, they are more dangerous to the fetus. Therefore, it is recommended to take the most small amount of potions.

After taking these medicines, there may not be malformations. Instead, if some diseases are not treated, the situation will be more dangerous.Therefore, when suffering from various diseases during pregnancy, you need to go to the obstetrics and gynecology hospital for diagnosis and treatment of attending physicians.

Cold may be the most common disease.Therefore, the probability of colds during pregnancy is far greater than other diseases.

Cold is a disease caused by the virus. Drugs cannot kill the virus. Only by improving the immunity of the human body can they defeat the virus and restore health.

Yes, you read that right, no medicine can treat a cold.

The cold medicine we take is generally a comprehensive cold medicine, which is a mix of many agents, and treats symptoms such as cough, nasal congestion, sputum and other symptoms caused by colds.So the ingredients are more complicated, including:

Antihistamines (VasoconStricTors) cough drugs (Expectornts) antherees (Antipyretic) alcohol, caffeine and other additives

Antimide is used to treat symptoms such as flowing nose and sneezing. Although it is listed as Class C drugs, so far, no relevant research reports of pregnant women as experimental objects.So pregnant women can take safely.

The use of vascular contraction to the treatment of nasal congestion is the contraction of the loser in the nose by contraction of the blood vessels to reduce the symptoms. When pregnant women take it for a long time, they may cause the fetal blood vessel contraction and intrauterine growth.So pregnant women try to avoid taking it.

But so far, there have been no reports of pregnant women who have taken nasal congestion drugs within a week and caused fetal malformations.

Tomitizers will not cause much danger when taking it during pregnancy. Most of them belong to Class C drugs, but they need to be taken with caution.

So although a cold is common, don’t underestimate it.

Pregnant women have special constitution. If the symptoms of high fever or whole body soreness are too serious after a cold, the cold virus can cause more inflammatory symptoms, you need to be treated and take an appropriate amount of medicine.

When coughing or running nose, you should go to the obstetrics and gynecology hospital for a doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, and take medicines suitable for pregnant women.

In order to fetch the fetus and the health of the pregnant woman themselves, buying medicines by themselves should be combined with the instructions, and they should be taken under the guidance of related medications.

Among them, these types of people should pay attention:


Maternal women with basic diseases

During the first checkup, the doctor must be notified in a timely manner, following the medicine to take the medicine to avoid the behavior of suspending the medicine by itself.


Unhappy but planned to baby

Try to move the window for medication as much as possible, and consult and prepare for pregnancy before pregnancy.


I learned that I was pregnant after taking the medicine

Don’t be too nervous, according to the fetal development, follow the doctor’s advice to choose whether to continue pregnancy.

Finally, attach a guide to common disease medication during pregnancy:


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