Can pregnant belly drum bags and non -drum bags imply the child’s "gender"?Pregnant mothers must understand clearly

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During pregnancy, there will be very interesting things. When some fetal fetuses move, the movement will be relatively large. You touch your belly gently, and the fetus will respond to you immediately in the same position, because the protruding part is obvious.So we also call this situation as a "drum bag".

This kind of play from the child is very interesting, it makes people look very loving, but not all pregnant mothers have this situation, it still depends on the probability.

When my cousin was pregnant, she watched a lot of care during pregnancy, and also brushed the video of the fetal "drum" fetal movement, and I fantasized the moment when I greeted the baby.

Especially as her belly is getting more and more obvious, when my cousin is in a daze, she likes to touch her belly gently, thinking that the little guy can interact with himself, but you don’t want to be indifferent to the baby.No fluctuations.

The cousin is a little disappointed, but the family members advise the cousin not to touch the belly often, especially the amplitude of the action is not too large, which is not very good for herself and the fetus.

The cousin joked that he also wanted to know and know the little guy in advance.Later, some elders said: "The girl is pregnant with a girl, and the pregnant belly is not drumming." The cousin is convinced, but after giving birth to the child, I found that this statement was not right.

This is another kind of "rumor" from the people’s unbelievable "rumors". The gender of the child is not related to the gestational belly drum bag. Do n’t guess it. The same boys and girls are the same.Essence

First, the fetus is lively and not lively

Drumbags appear in the belly during pregnancy. In fact, the baby is in the mother’s belly. The activity is relatively large.Mom, it seems a bit naughty, and pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much. This is normal. Usually, it is necessary to do a good job of inspection.

Some baby baby may be more peaceful. During pregnancy, he is careful during pregnancy. He turns over and stretchs his hand. He feels like his mother is pregnant with his own hard work, so he does not toss her mother.

Second, it is related to the thin belly of the pregnant mother

Everyone’s constitution is different, and the thickness of the fat is also different. Some pregnant mothers have thick fat on their belly, so the little guy does not look obvious when druming.

Some pregnant mothers are thinner, and the fat in the abdomen is relatively thin, so the situation of drum bags will be obvious. Even if the baby’s babies are not so large, they can see clearly.

Third, it is related to the feeling of pregnant mothers

Some pregnant mothers are more sensitive to their bodies. Some baby’s fetal movements can feel clearly, and some pregnant mothers may not feel so sensitive to the body, so they don’t care much about fetal movement.

Fetal movement is normal during pregnancy. After coming to the middle of pregnancy in the early pregnancy, the fetal movement will slowly appear. Some pregnant mothers perceive the earlier.Big, you can feel more or less.

Generally, the fetal movement is relatively obvious. It is probably between 5 months and 7 months of pregnancy. The little guy has developed well, and the limbs have been mature, so there are some small movements.

However, as the fetus enters the third trimester, the fetus is relatively large, and the space for movement in the mother’s belly is relatively small, so the fetal movement is not so obvious.

Pregnant mothers should still do a regular check -up during pregnancy. On the one hand, determine the condition of the fetus, and on the other hand, let themselves feel at ease. If the fetus is irregular or uncomfortable, go to the doctor in time to avoid accidents.

Finally, do you have a drum bag during pregnancy?

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