Can pregnant women drink soy milk? How do pregnant women drink soy milk?

Soy milk is made of soybean, and soybeans are rich in protein and do not contain cholesterol. It is very suitable for the needs of the human body and can reduce human cholesterol.

Can pregnant women drink soy milk?

Pregnant women can drink soy milk, but they cannot drink too much. Drink at most two glasses a day, because drinking too much soy milk at a time can easily cause protein indigestion, and discomfort such as abdominal distension and diarrhea.And it is best to drink in the morning. Remember to eat soy milk first.

The benefits of drinking soy milk in moderation of pregnant women

Fully supplement protein

Soy is rich in high -quality protein (up to 40%), which is the only complete protein similar to animal protein in plants, and soy protein does not contain cholesterol, which can reduce cholesterol in human serum, which is better than animal protein.The eight essential amino acid ratio of the human body in soy protein is balanced, which is very suitable for the needs of the human body.

How much the body’s absorption of soybean protein is related to the way to eat. It is the best digestible to make soy milk protein, as high as about 95%.Therefore, drinking a cup of soy milk (not more than 500ml) a day is an effective way to intake high -quality protein.

Protein is one of the main components of brain cells, accounting for 30%-35%of the proportion of brain, and plays an extremely important role in promoting the goodness of the language center.If the protein intake of pregnant women is insufficient, not only major obstacles to the fetal brain, but also affect the milk protein content and amino acid composition, resulting in decreased milk; insufficient protein intake of infants and young children will also directly affect the development of brain nerve cells.Therefore, pregnant women and infants should consume enough high -quality protein foods.

Prevent various diseases

Disotes such as anemia, hypotension, and constipation during pregnancy are often the healthy natural enemy of pregnant women.The reason for these diseases is mainly closely related to the lack of minerals such as iron and copper in the body, as well as too little intake of protein and vitamins.The content of protein and iron and copper in soy milk is higher than the content of milk, and it is also rich in a variety of vitamins.Therefore, pregnant women often drink soy milk is one of the effective food therapy to prevent anemia and hypotension.

It helps normal development of the fetus

Pregnant women often drink soymilk to help the fetus’s normal development, because the first to 3 months of the fetal development period is the stage of initial formation of bones and teeth. The nutrition in soy milk is comprehensive and reasonable, which is compatible with the fetal nutritional needs.In addition, it can also promote the development of the fetal brain. The pregnant mother drinks soy milk every day. After the protein in the soy milk is absorbed by the mother, it is transported to the fetus through the placenta.Can develop better.

reduce cholesterol

Soy milk is rich in soy protein. This plant protein does not contain cholesterol. In addition, soy milk is also rich in calcium and magnesium, which can strengthen cardiovascular function.Therefore, drinking more soy milk can effectively reduce the content of cholesterol and effectively prevent cardiovascular disease.

Balanced maternal hormone

Soymilk is rich in soy -exotic & Flavonoids. This substance can effectively supplement the estrogen levels of the mother’s body and play a role in balanced the level of maternal hormone levels.

Improve the skin

Soymilk is rich in soy lecithin, vitamin EC and selenium, and these substances can delay the aging of the skin. Drinking soy milk every day can prevent the effect of not only the effect of wrinkles, but also effectively whitening the skin.

How to drink soy milk for pregnant women is the best

Pregnant women should choose soy milk when they choose

For pregnant mothers, it is good for drinking soy milk during pregnancy, but it should also be noted that soy milk should not drink excessive drinking. Drink at most two glasses a day, because it is easy to drink too much soy milk at a time.Essence

And pregnant mothers must drink less soy milk when supplementing iron.This is because the protein in soybeans can prevent the body from absorbing iron.Therefore, when eating iron-containing foods, such as livestock meat, animal liver, animal blood and other foods, or consume iron supplements, it is best not to drink soy milk. It is best to interval in the middle for 2-3 hours.

In addition, pregnant mothers who have stomach discomfort should drink less soy milk.Because bean foods are easy to produce qi, easily cause excessive gastric acid secretion, stimulate gastric mucosa, aggravate gastric disease, and cause snoring and abdominal distension.

Recommended methods for pregnant women to drink soy milk

Original soy milk

Materials: 300 grams of soybeans, 1000㏄ of water, a moderate amount of sugar.


1. Wash soy water for soaking in water (cover the soybeans) and soak for 8 hours for later use.

2. Put the soaked soy beans into the juice machine and add 500㏄ water, beat it into a slurry, take a pad, pour the method of soymilk in the method, and filter the bean dregs.

3. Take a deeper pot, pour the remaining 500㏄ of water and the filtered soy milk, boil the soy milk until the soy bubbles, and then turn it on low heat for 10 minutes until the scent is overflowed.

4. Pour the cooked soy milk into the filter and remove the residue, which is the original soy milk. Add the white sugar and mix well according to personal preference.

Sesame Black Soy Milk

Materials: 80 grams of black beans, 10 grams of peanuts, 10 grams of black sesame seeds.


1. Soak the black beans for 4 hours, soak the peanut rice for 1 to 2 hours after washing the peanuts, and wash it for 1 to 2 hours.

2. Put the soaked ingredients into the soymilk machine, pour in water, and start the soy milk program to cook it into black soy milk.

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