Can pregnant women drink tea?Why are the two methods very different?

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Today, the tea friend of Maoming, Guangdong and "people to middle age" communicated with a small understanding: "Mid -Autumn Festival is coming, and friends often come to the door. I have made tea. There are two girls a few days ago, one during the pregnancy period., One during breastfeeding. Are they all care about whether they are suitable for drinking tea during this special period? "

In fact, this is an old topic, but people have not reached an agreement on action.There are divergent opinions about whether pregnant women are suitable for drinking tea.

▲ There are tea friends who are pregnant for three months, but have never stopped drinking tea

▲ The discussion on whether pregnant women can drink tea are divergent (click to view the big picture)

There are two kinds of very different friends around Xiao Zhi. One is the period of pregnancy and resolutely do not touch tea.Who is they right?

Why not drink strong tea for pregnant women?

Let’s talk about a relatively recognized theory in the industry: Women should drink some light tea appropriately during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and during menstruation, which is beneficial and harmless.However, during the "third phase" period, due to different physiological needs, it is generally not suitable to drink more tea, especially taboo drinking strong tea.

Regarding whether the menstrual period can drink tea, I have previously discussed the Tea Emperor. You can review it again!(Related reading: "Auntie is here, can you drink tea?", Click on the red word) Today we mainly talk about why pregnant women should not drink strong tea.

If women drink strong tea during pregnancy, due to the effect of caffeine, the heart and kidneys of pregnant women will be too heavy, and heartbeat and urination will accelerate.Not only that, the fetus is passively absorbed while the pregnant woman absorbs caffeine.The fetus’s metabolism on caffeine is much slower than adults, and its role is relatively long, which is not good for the baby’s nervous system development.Therefore, for the health of the baby, it is better for female friends to drink less tea during pregnancy.

If women drink strong tea during breastfeeding, they may have two side effects: First, the content of tea polyphenols in strong tea is high. Once they are absorbed into the blood during breastfeeding, they will converge and even suppress the secretion, which will eventually affect the milk that will be milk.secretion.

The second is that the caffeine content in strong tea is relatively high. After being absorbed by the mother, they will enter the baby’s body through milk, which will excite the baby, or cause the intestines to spasm, so that the baby is irritating to cry.What’s more serious is the effect of caffeine on infant and young nervous system.

Different individuals

Since it is so clear, it is not advisable to drink strong tea during the pregnancy period, and try to drink less tea as possible, then our mothers and expectant mothers just do it.But why did it appear earlier, there are two very different ways of friends around him?

Regarding this, Xiao knows to say that in fact, none of these people are wrong.Most people who do not touch tea do not drink tea. During the pregnancy period, you can stay away from tea!However, most of them are "tea ghosts", and they are originally a "tea ghost", which belongs to people like "no tea".The physique of these people has been fully adapted to tea. During pregnancy or breastfeeding, they can’t stop at all, but they will pay attention to the amount of tea drinking and try to ensure that the tea soup is light.

It can be seen that how to drink tea during pregnancy varies from person to person.Women who have cold constitutions and drink less tea should drink as little tea or not tea during pregnancy; women who usually drink more tea and have better constitution, do not have to completely quit tea during pregnancy, control the quantity and quantity andConcentration is OK.

However, because the effects of caffeine on the development of infant system are relatively clear. Although individual differences exist, we must try to avoid ingestion of caffeine for babies.Therefore, whether it is "tea blindness" or "tea ghost", the general principle of tea drinking during the pregnancy period must be observed, that is: less, less; lighter, fading.

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