Can pregnant women dye hair?10 old rules that I often hear after pregnancy, do you believe a few

Pregnancy is the happiest and most exciting moment of a woman, which is also a confused moment.Many people will tell you some old rules that you can’t do this and you can’t do that.

Some people will tell you that pregnant women are eating alone, two people make up, this must be fake.If pregnant women eat too much and weigh the standard, it will affect the health of herself and the fetus.

Today, let’s take a look at which rumors during pregnancy, it sounds so correct, but it is not necessarily correct

1. Pregnant women cannot dye hair

Studies have found that the chemicals of pregnant women’s hair dyeing and hair dye are very limited to the hair by hair and will not affect the fetus.If pregnant women really want to dye their hair, it is best to be 3 months after pregnancy.It is best to choose a place with a good ventilation environment and use the pure natural hair dye cream with fast hair.

2. Pregnant women cannot take a plane

Many people are worried that the radiation of the aircraft and falling will affect the development of the fetus.In fact, the aircraft has very little radiation and will not have any impact on the fetus at all.However, there are some pregnant women who are really not suitable for airplanes, such as pregnant women who have a habitual abortion.

3. Pregnant women should not take a bath

Regardless of pregnancy, you should pay attention to personal hygiene.Pregnant women should not take too long for bathing, and it is recommended not to exceed 20 minutes.At the same time, pay attention to the temperature of the bath water, and the water should not be overheated or cold.The temperature of the bath water should be 37 °.

4. Pregnant women eat less cooked meat

This is the cooked meat with packaging.This food is likely to receive pollution from Listera, and the risk of pregnant women infection increases.Similar foods include soft cheese, unintentional milk, etc., so it is recommended to heat to 80 degrees when eating these foods.This is true.

5. Pregnant women cannot lie down flat and sleep

Without any proof, lying down and sleeping will have a negative impact on fetal development.If the doctor does not have special requirements, pregnant women can choose a comfortable sleeping posture.

6. Pregnant women cannot drink alcohol

Pregnant women are not unable to drink alcohol, but can not drink.Pregnant women drink one or two glasses of red wine a week without affecting the fetus.If your doctor does not particularly emphasize, you can drink a glass of red wine.If you can restrain it, don’t drink it.

7. Pregnant women cannot drink coffee

Pregnant women cannot drink coffee, but caffeine also exists in tea, cola and chocolate.Pregnant women are not recommended to drink coffee during pregnancy, and they cannot drink tea at the same time.The amount of caffeine daily in pregnant women should not exceed 300 mg, so hold her mouth for the baby’s health.

8. Pregnant women should not exercise

This rumor has always been welcomed by pregnant women, but unless the doctor lets you bed in bed, normal situations need moderate exercise.Exercise helps to improve blood circulation in pregnant women, enhance cardiopulmonary function, and improve muscle ability.Pregnant women can do some yoga, aerobic exercise and swimming during pregnancy.

9. Pregnant women cannot eat desserts

Pregnant women are not ca n’t eat desserts, they ca n’t eat more.Balanced nutrition during pregnancy, too much sugar intake, can easily cause excess weight, gestational diabetes and other problems.

10. Pregnant women should not eat seafood

Seafood contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. Pregnant women should eat seafood.Pregnant women should eat some deep -sea torpedoes. Light water fish may be polluted by environmental, and pollutants remain in the meat.

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