Can pregnant women eat Citi Ginseng?


Citi ginseng generally refers to Western ginseng.It is a perennial herbaceous plant in the Wugong scientific ginseng. Alias Citibin, Ginseng, Western Ginseng, American Ginseng, native to Canada’s Great Quebec and Wisconsin in the United States, Beijing Huairou and Changbai Mountain, China.Canada is called Western ginseng, and American is called Citi Ginseng. It is divided into cooking, stewing, steamed food, slicing slices, and researching into fine powder.

The perennial grass and wood, the main root is round or spindle -shaped, the surface is light yellow or yellow -white, the color is oily, the leather pattern is full, the texture is full and strong, and the cut surface is clean.All hairless.Root meat quality, spindle -shaped, sometimes different.The rhizomes are short.The stem is cylindrical, about 25cm long, with vertical stripes, or slightly edge.Flower period July.Fruit maturity period September.

Nutritional value of Citi Ginseng

The main ingredients in Citigraphy are ginseng saponin. The 5 species of saponin that have been separated are: ginsenoside R0, RB1, RG1, RE and counterfeit ginsenoside F11.Newcomer ginsenoside is separated.The effective ingredients contained in Citi Ginseng are basically the same as the category of ginseng single -sized saponin, and even the saponin is completely the same, all of which are altosilic acid, ginseng glycol, and ginseng triam.However, because the content of RB1 of ginseng glycol monomers is higher than ginseng, the differences in efficacy and application of the two have their own characteristics and cannot replace each other.

Citibinoside is one of the most important active ingredients in Western ginseng and the most significant substance in physiological activity.So far, people have extracted a variety of saponin monomers in Citi Sin.Although there are many types of American ginsein saponin monomers, they are mainly triterpenic compounds, which are similar to ginseng saponin structures, but some are unique to American ginseng.

Citi Ginsein can be divided into three categories: RA group, RB group (including RO, RA1, RA2, RB1, RB2, RC, RC, RD, etc.) and RG groups (including RE, RG1, RG2, RG2, RG3, RH1, RH2 six sub -types).Related studies have shown that among these three categories, several single -body physiological activity of the RA group is relatively weak, while the physiological activity of the RB and RG groups is relatively strong.Some studies compare Citi participants. The content of Citi Ginseng and ginseng saponin R64 in Citi Ginseng is significantly higher than that of the saponin content of ginseng in the same dose of ginseng, which shows why Citigroup is listed as precious Chinese medicine.

The efficacy and role of Citi Ginseng

Citigraphy is cold, sweet and bitter.Indications: nourish qi and nourish yin, clear heat and live Jinjin.Used for qi deficiency and yin loss, internal heat, cough, phlegm and blood, deficiency heat and tiredness, thirst, dry throat and dry throat.Dosage 3 to 6g.Yixin Yin, clearing fire, replenishing thirst.Treatment of lung deficiency and cough, loss of blood, dry throat thirst, deficiency and tiredness.

Specific health effect:

1. Enhance the function of the central nervous system: The saponin in Citi can effectively enhance the central nervous system, achieve meditation, eliminate fatigue, enhance memory, etc., which can be suitable for symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, memory recession, and dementia.

2. Protective cardiovascular system: Frequently serving Citi Ginseng can be anti -cardiac, anti -myocardial ischemia, anti -cardiac oxidation, and enhance myocardial contraction ability. The symptoms of patients with coronary heart disease can be taken for long -term use of qi yin deficiency and shortness of breath. The effect is significant.The efficacy of American ginseng is that it can regulate blood pressure, effectively reduce temporary and persistent blood pressure, and helps to recover from high blood pressure, arrhythmia, coronary heart disease, acute myocardial infarction, and cerebral thrombosis.

3. Improving immunity: Citigraphy is the preferred medicinal material for qi health care, which can promote serum protein synthesis, bone marrow synthesis, organ protein synthesis, etc., improve the body’s immunity, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and effectively resist cancer.

4. Promoting blood vitality: Long -died Citigraphy can reduce blood coagulation, inhibit platelet cohesion, antiplication hardening, and promote the growth of red blood cells, increasing hemoglobin.

5. Treatment of diabetes: Citi participation in Qiongzhen Ganoderma can reduce blood sugar, regulate insulin secretion, promote sugar metabolism and fat metabolism, and has a certain auxiliary effect on the treatment of diabetes.

6. Supplement the lungs and reduce the stomach, nourish the stomach, and nourish the Jinjin: Citigroups are cold, bitter, slightly sweet, and return to the heart, lungs, and kidney meridians.

Can pregnant women eat Citi Ginseng?

You can eat.

At the beginning of pregnancy, the maternal system changed accordingly due to pregnancy. The body’s resistance decreased and it was prone to colds. In this periodInterest.But it is best to take it under the guidance of a doctor.

Can mothers eat Citi Ginseng?

Eat cautiously.

Citigraphy can inhibit platelet aggregation and anti -thrombosis. Because the maternal blood vessels of the internal and external genitals during the production process are mostly damaged, at this time, if you take Citigroup, it may affect the self -healing of damaged blood vessels, which will cause bleeding and even cause it.Great bleeding.Within a week after the maternal production, Citi can not be taken.

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