Can pregnant women have a room in the same room?

One of the more pleasant changes to many women brings to many women is at some stages of pregnancy. With strong sexual desire and orgasm, for most women, sexual intercourse during pregnancy is completely safe.During normal pregnancy, sex life does not harm any harm to babies, because your baby will be well protected in the uterus.On the one hand, amniotic fluid provides a buffer for babies; on the other hand, thick mucus bolts will seal the cervix densely to prevent infection.Although orgasm may cause uterine contraction, this is not painful, so there is no need to worry too much.However, with the change of the body structure and the gain of weight, the usual habits may be needed to get fun from sexual intercourse.

Enjoy sexual life during pregnancy:

① Try a new posture.When the weight gain of pregnancy leads to an increase in the abdomen, try to lie on one side in sexual behavior, or make women more comfortable on it.In the late pregnancy, women should not lie down flat, because the baby’s weight and partner’s weight may put pressure on the lower cavity vein, causing dizziness and accelerated heart rate.

② Safe first.If your partner has a history of sexual medical, you should use condoms frequently.

③ Although oral traffic is often allowed during pregnancy, it is not safe to remember that blowing air into the vagina, because this may cause air embolism, which may endanger life.

④ Doctors do not recommend anal sex during pregnancy, because this will spread bacteria from rectal to the vagina and may cause infection.Because of the hemorrhoids during pregnancy, discomfort can be caused.

⑤ A frank communication.The partner may have different views on the frequency of sexual life during pregnancy.Talk about the needs of each other.If sexual intercourse becomes difficult during pregnancy, especially in the final stage of pregnancy, you need to find other methods to approach, such as massage or hug.

If there is the following circumstances, it is best not to have sex:

① There is a risk of abortion

② There is a risk of premature birth

③ Risk of rupture of fetal membrane

④ There is a front placenta

⑤ I am experiencing vaginal bleeding (common when twins or triggered twins)

⑥ Infection of certain diseases

⑦The short cervix or the cervical mouth has been opened

Imagine a series of changes brought by pregnancy, including changes in physical, emotional and sexual aspects. By listening to your body and recognizing your needs, you will be able to better enjoy the unique fun in this special moment in your life.

Source: Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Xipin Yidi Affiliated

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