Can pregnant women make up?Want to pay attention to these 7 points first!

Can pregnant women make up?Many young mothers still make up after pregnancy, because this incident is not allowed to make friends with her mother -in -law, husband and others.The family thinks that pregnant women cannot make up, which will hurt the baby, and the pregnant mother said that love is the nature of a woman. It is not allowed to make makeup because of pregnancy. "Pregnant women with makeup are not healthy.It is an example of my baby. I use good cosmetics … ", with such a quarrel, my husband felt that his wife was not sensible, and his wife felt that the husband only cares about the child, and everyone was in a bad mood.How to do it?Today, I will give you popular science. Whether pregnant women can make up.

Can pregnant women make up?

During pregnancy, many people recommend that pregnant mothers are better not to make up, because everyone is worried that ordinary makeup products contain many chemicals, such as spices, heavy metals, mineral oils, etc.Sex, even affects the normal development of the fetus in the abdomen.

However, some skin -skinned experts during pregnancy stated that the duration of the duration of pregnancy is prohibited, but this does not mean that pregnant women cannot use makeup.With the advancement of science and technology and the demand for career in the workplace of professional pregnant mothers, special makeup products recommended for pregnant women recommended for women’s skin in the market are becoming more mature. Pregnant mothers can moderate light makeup under the premise of ensuring safety.

In foreign countries, Japan and South Korea, makeup has become an indispensable part of many female friends’ lives. Many women say that they will never go out without spending makeup.Even during pregnancy, these women will show people with light makeup, such as painting eye shadows and drawing along the line.

What cosmetics do pregnant women use

When choosing cosmetics, pregnant women must be careful and see the ingredients clearly. If they contain vaselin, artificial pigment, isopropyl, propylene glycol, osmotic agent, paraffin, flavor and mineral oil, etc., pregnant women must avoid it.However, the list of some skin care products is not necessarily complete, and expectant mothers should pay special attention.For example, perfumes contain artificial musk, it is best not to use it. Artificial musk will stay in the body to affect breast milk.It is recommended to choose skin care products such as pure natural plants, drugs, herbal essences, but not all pure natural or plant extract essences are safe and have no side effects. Therefore, it is best to choose a special cosmetics for pregnant women.At present, there are three main types of cosmetics for pregnant women: natural pregnant women’s cosmetics, organic pregnant women cosmetics, and original pregnant women’s cosmetics.

Precautions for the Seven major makeup in pregnant women

1. The cleaning of each makeup must be thorough to prevent pigmentation.

2. Makeup should not be too heavy, especially lipstick and foundation.

3. Use cosmetics to avoid heavy metals such as hormones and copper, mercury, and lead. You should choose products with good quality, guarantee, simple ingredients, and natural raw materials.

4. The products used are clean, and the expired products and other people’s cosmetics are determined.

5. Eye eyeliner, eyebrows during pregnancy, red lips, no eyebrows are not embroidered, and eyebrows are switched.

6. Do not use whitening products during pregnancy during pregnancy.

7. Try not to apply lipstick. If you use it, you should erase it before you drink water to prevent harmful substances from entering the mother through the mouth.

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