Can pregnant women take makeup?In fact, it is a logical issue!One article tells you

Pregnant women and lactation can be used in which skin care products cannot be used, and they are more logical issues.

Originally, I also found for everyone which ingredients were that pregnant women could not use it. By the way, a big exposure was exposed to get a lot of likes, but the information that it was found for a few hours may disappoint everyone because I was persuaded!

The fact is that there are no components that pregnant women cannot use in regular skin care products. If there is that ingredient, non -pregnant women do not use it.

Let’s talk about the conclusion:

Objective facts: Pregnant women can use regular skin care products on the market, just use it normally

In life: If you are not assured of cosmetics, don’t use anything

There are similar:

Objective facts: The regular vaccines on the market can be used, and it can be used normally.

In life: If you don’t worry about vaccine, don’t fight anything

Objective facts: regular milk powder on the market can be eaten, just eat normally

In life: If you are not assured of milk powder, don’t eat milk powder

This is to choose to choose in you.

Many people, can pregnant women care for skin care?

I will definitely tell you and the person in charge will be able to!

First of all, modern medical experiments have proven that the damage caused by female skin during pregnancy is equivalent to the natural aging process of 10 to 13 years. The natural aging speed of the postpartum skin is 33%to 48%compared to before pregnancy, and the skin care for pregnant women is imminent.

Secondly, the basic skin care products need to really reach the dermis layer of the human body, and then absorb by the placenta. It needs to be obstructed layer by layer. This probability is minimal.Unless it is some active skin care products.

Furthermore, it is irresponsible to not talk about dosage!

Skin care products are not medicines, and they do not have cure function. The big reason is that its dose is too low.Have you ever seen the ban on pregnant women’s breastfeeding during the medicine, have you ever seen the disabled of pregnant women’s lactation on ordinary skin care products?(There are some high -concentration products, there will be related signs that can be used)

However, there are thousands of skin care products, and there are inevitably some fish that missed the net, so in order to be cautious, you should avoid those skin care products that claim to whiten and remove freckles in a short period of time.

The following pregnant women should be taken attention to avoid ingredients: 1. Hydroquinone can cause fetal malformations.

2. Lei Ting-A (RETIN-A) and TetracyCline affect the development of fetal skeletal and teeth.

3. Retinoid and Salicylic Acid can cause abortion of pregnant women.

4. Dihydroxyacetone) can cause fetal malformation.

5. Retinols affects fetal facial development.

6. PHThalates affects fetal kidney development.

The query of ingredients can go to the State Drug Administration for a record, or check the product ingredients on the beautiful practice. The safety risk is 1-10. The higher the number, the greater the risk. Green is safe. Orange is medium, and red indicates risks.

So when choosing a skin care brand, my standard is:

First, choose a big name, and in the brand that has a recorded brand in the State Drug Administration, be cautious into Weishang or the third -rate brand on the market.

Second, the ingredients are safe, pay attention to avoid the above ingredients.

Third, choose the foundation of hydration and moisturizing, and the functions should not be too complicated.Skin care products with special functional whitening and freckle removal basically include adding composition with pregnant women with caution

As for which one I use, I directly listed a few brands, some used, some have not been used, and give you the feelings I have used to give you a reference.

Part1: Foreign pregnant women available brands

Japan Fanke FanCl

Fang Ke is the main product of no addition. Although it is not a special brand for pregnant women, its composition is safe and unsuitable, and pregnant women can also be used.With this most of the feeling, it feels that a protective film is formed on the surface of the skin, and the overall hydration effect is still possible.

I chose the blue refreshing series. The shelf life of Kaifeng is 60 days, and the weight is only 30ml. The other water milk will be oily in the afternoon, but this is okay, it is very refreshing. It can be used in summer. It can be used in summer.Essence

German tender Fu

The English name of Nenfu is a brand born in Germany. The R & D unit is also the R & D unit or the Nobel Prize in the Orthahn Science Laboratory, focusing on pregnant women.I have had the composition before buying. The 8 non -added without fragrance, non -preservatives, and essential oils have been securely certified by the US EWG.Friendly.

I was mixed with oily skin. I did not expect that this folic acid ingredient and hyaluronic acid hydration effect was really praised. It was applied to clear and cool, and found that it absorbed quite fast.I used 2 sets during pregnancy. The skin condition of the whole pregnancy is very stable, but it is better than before pregnancy.

French Clarins

Clarins are a well -known brand of pregnant women, and its pregnancy oil is very famous.

This powder, water, to some extent, has the shadow of the Hina emerald bottle and the shadow of barley water.The basic moisturizing ingredients add sodium hyaluronate, which is better than ordinary lotion. One is more extract.Contains fig extract and Baili fragrant extraction solution. The range of these two extracts is between 1 and 2.So you can’t say it is a high dose, anyway, it’s okay.

The feeling of numbers is a bit sticky, suitable for pregnant mothers with dry skin during pregnancy.

Part2: A available brand of local pregnant women

Pro -moisturizing soy milk

The famous parenting soy milk series, almost all of the pregnant mothers know that they are a relatively mature set of domestic pregnant women.When I was pregnant, my friend gave it, and I used it. The facial cleanser is still good. The toner and lotion are slightly heavy. The toner is still very good. The moisturizing is very good. It is gentle.use.

I have also used soymilk masks before, and it is also a strong feeling. It may not be suitable for me to mix the skin of oily skin. Dry skin can still be used.

Red elephant

A very Q packaging, there are more baby products, and pregnant women series are also available.The red small elephant pure moisturizing skin care suit, clear water, is very suitable for quasi -numbness and fragile muscles.

The facial cleanser is also the ingredient of amino acid tables. The foam is rich, and the skin does not have a tightness after use.

The skin of the skin is very small, it is 150ml. It is soft and clear, and it is tender and clear. Whether it is water and lotion, it is better to absorb, and there is no problem with the use of oil skin.

Kangaroo mother

Kangaroo mother is a well -known skin care brand in pregnant women, and many celebrities have endorsed. The wheat germ series is the main series of his family. The main effect is moisturizing. After washing the face, it will usually apply a layer of water to absorb it.I also found that it absorbed quite fast. After finishing it, just pat your cheeks.

Sometimes the weather in autumn and winter is dry, the skin is tight and dry, and it is used to be comfortable, and it does not stimulate the skin.The texture of the lotion is moist, and it is used with water and milk at the same time. It feels good for nourishing the skin.

In addition, there are other pregnant women’s skin care brands, Ke Run, Fulfangs, Lichi Spring, Avene, etc. Some have not been used, so I do n’t introduce them one by one. If you are interested, you can check some evaluations and use feelings by yourself.

The above is my content sharing. I hope to help everyone, all the beautiful pregnant mothers.

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