Can pregnant women’s pubic pain do to exercise? What exercise can I do?

There are many pregnant women with pubic pain in the third trimester. Can many people exercise the pubic pain in pregnant women, and which exercises can there be questions. The following editors will introduce you.

Can pregnant women’s pubic pain exercise?

Pregnant women’s pubic pain can exercise appropriately.

There are not a few expectant mothers with pubic pain in the evening of pregnancy, but many people have successfully given birth.Whether you can give birth, depending on your personal situation and the specific situation of the fetal baby. Some expectant mothers have pubic pain with pubic bone pain.Bring or relieve through cold compresses.If it is only painful for pubic bone, it will not affect the delivery and exercise. On the contrary, appropriate exercise can also relieve pubic pain and help to give birth.However, during the movement, expectant mothers should avoid the movements of the legs and sinking hips.At the same time, pregnant mothers can also use the pelvic band to help alleviate, so the pain in the pregnant woman can exercise appropriately.

What are the exercise that pregnant women can do with pubic pain?

Blow wax exercise: exercise abdominal muscles.Postpartum recovered abdominal muscles can be restored.Lie on your back, bend your knees, stretch your fingers at 30cm from the mouth, and think of your fingers as candles, exhaling force to blow off the candlelight.

Pelvic exercise: Relax the joints and muscles of the pelvis, make it flexible and conducive to delivery.Broke up with one knee, slowly put your knees outward, 10 times on the left and right.Raise your knees, sway the left and right to the bed, and slowly relax, 10 times on the left and right.

Clame: Relax of the pubic combination and the femoral joints, stretch the pelvic floor muscle group.The fetus can pass the birth canal smoothly.Sit straight, your feet are ten, pull your hands with your hands, and move your knees up and down like a butterfly wings, 10 times.In the same posture, inhale and straighten your back, exhale your body slightly forward, 10 times.

Foot exercise: First put one leg on the other leg, then put it down, repeat 10 times, increase the height of each time, then change the other leg, repeat 10 times.Then clamp the legs inward, close the anus, raise the vagina, and relax.After repeating 10 times, put the lower leg on the leg and repeat 10 times.

Abdominal muscle exercise: Exercise supports the abdominal muscles of the uterus.Single legs flexed, stretched, flexed, stretched, 10 times each.Bend your knees, lift it up, put down, lift it up, put down, 10 times on the left and right.

Sports that pregnant women can not do with pubic pain

High -risk movement.You need to avoid diving and possible activities, such as high -risk campaigns such as horse riding, skiing, water skiing.Even if you are usually a good player of these movements, there is no need to take risks at this stage.

bicycle exercise.If you choose a bicycle exercise, you need to be careful, or it is best to postpone such movements to the child’s birth before doing it.Although bicycle sports enthusiasts may disagree, some experts believe that cycling bicycles in the middle of pregnancy and late pregnancy are dangerous to pregnant women, because your balance is different at this time, so it is easier to fall.

running.It is not a good idea to start training during pregnancy, but if you have the habit of running before pregnancy, you may wish to continue after pregnancy.

Sit-ups.From the beginning of pregnancy, you should avoid sitting on your back and wait for the movement that needs to be lying flat, because this will make you feel dizzy and reduce the blood flow of the uterus.

Weightlifting and other movements that need to stand for a long time.These exercises may reduce the blood flow to the fetus. Therefore, when you do pregnancy, you should constantly change your posture, or you can step forward.

Contact movement: In football, basketball, hockey and other sports, you and your baby are facing great risks. You may be knocked down by the ball or stick, hit by other players, or fell in the sports.

Tennis: If you play tennis before you are pregnant, there is no problem with the tennis after your pregnancy and slowly playing tennis.But you may have some troubles on the balance and suddenly stop, so you must be careful.Most pregnant women have found that in the middle of pregnancy and late pregnancy, as the abdomen increases, it is difficult to complete a tennis.

Precautions for pregnant women’s pubic pain exercise

Strictly follow the warm -up exercise (5 ~ 10 minutes), formal exercise (20 minutes) and relaxation after exercise (5 ~ 10 minutes) to avoid exercise accidents.

Enough water

Before, after and during exercise, pregnant women should consume enough water to maintain water balance in the body.

Comfortable environment

Wearing loose cotton clothing, proper sizes and running shoes, exercise in a cool and ventilated environment to avoid high fever and humid environment.After exercise, the body temperature should not exceed 38.3 ° C. Pay attention to keep warm when bathing.

Focus on heart rate

Pay attention to monitoring the blood pressure and heart rate of pregnant women during exercise, and the fetal heart monitoring if necessary to eliminate contraction.

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