Can sweets bring happiness?Actually depression risk

Unhappy, come to a chocolate, macaron, or directly drink a pot of "Happy Fat House Water (Coca -Cola)".Many people are convinced that although sweetness is risk of gaining weight, it can bring happiness.However, it is not.After the sweetness brings a short pleasure, it will soon make people return to a state of frustration and depression.In the long run, it may even be more serious.

A summary analysis of the relevant observation research found that the increase in sweet beverage consumption may promote the risk of depression.But this does not mean that high -sugar drinks such as cola cannot be drunk.Data analysis shows that drinking more than 2 small cups a day has significant effects. Drinking 3 cans of cola drinks can increase the depression risk by 25%.According to the intake of sugar, the sugar intake below 15g is not related to the risk of depression, but between 15g ~ 100g, as the intake increases, the relative risk of depression has increased.This result reminds us that if you drink only one cup of yogurt, you don’t have to worry, because according to 12%carbohydrate content, only 7.5g of sugar among 100g yogurt, and 15g of sugar in 200g.

Japanese researchers found in a three -year group tracking study of nearly a thousand people that people who drink more sweet drinks every day do increase the risk of depression.After eliminating the effects of age, gender, region and other factors, it was found that those who had more than 4 cups of sweet drinks per day than those who did not drink 1 cup a week increased the risk of depression 90%.After eliminating the impact of factors such as socio -economic status and baseline depression scores, 68%of drinking (sweet) drinks and the least compared with the smallest group.If it is not more "symptoms of depression", but the "depression score more than 19", the difference is huge. Compared with the minimum of drinking drinks, the risk increases by 162%.

Some people may doubt: drinking sweet drinks and eating sweets really make me feel very happy. Is it against causality?Maybe those depressed people want to eat sweet drinks, instead of drinking sweet drinks and eating sweets?

First of all, when Japanese scholars started this study, they conducted depression symptoms of nearly a thousand respondents. They were not seriously depressed.In 3 years, it also let it go completely, let the respondents eat and drink according to the previous mode, but to investigate the situation of the respondents regularly, and then analyze the data.After 3 years of observation records, the interviewees’ depression and depression questionnaire scores were investigated.As a result, people with the most sweet drinks have the most depressed scores.

Secondly, the effect of a food at the time and long -term effects may not be the same.Eating sweets and drinking sweet beverages is really pleasant for people who are sweet, because sweet intake increases serotonin and dopamine, which can temporarily make people feel better.However, research reveals the long -term effect of eating sweet drinks.A food that makes you happy at the time, may not help you to prevent depression.Sweets can be regarded as a temporary anesthesia. In the long run, it will reduce the human body’s ability to respond to pressure, reduce the regulatory ability of the nervous system, which is not conducive to preventing depression.

Why drink sweet drinks to promote depression?Researchers believe that on the one hand, animal experiments show that a large amount of sugar adds sugar will increase animal anxiety and depression, and the level of cortisol is increased, especially the animal intake of animal intake during development affects the maturity of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, soThe pressure regulation system is disordered, thereby increasing the risk of depression.On the other hand, the sweet beverages promote obesity, and the obesity itself has reduced the pressure of the body.The relationship between obesity and depression has been confirmed by many research institutes.

In addition, sweet beverages can cause sugar metabolic disorders and insulin resistance, and such metabolic disorders can cause low but continuous inflammatory response, and the release of some inflammatory factors itself will increase the risk of depression.There are also animal experiments that long -term feed feed adding sugar will reduce the serotonin 1A receptor of dendritic cells. After this receptor is reduced, the feedback control of serum synthesis and release in the hypothalamus will be disordered.The ability to deal with stress decreases.This mechanism is very important for preventing depression.

Another reason is that sweet beverages consume B vitamins in the body, while vitamin B1, B6, and tobaccoic acid deficiency will affect the function of the nervous system and neurotransmitters and increase the risk of depression.Therefore, a diet that should be balanced in order to stay away from depression.

(Fan Zhihong, Associate Professor of Food Nutrition of China Agricultural University)

Source: CPPCC Newspaper

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