Can the baby pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives?

After taking emergency contraceptives, the baby is still here, afraid?

Don’t be afraid!

The third edition of the World Health Organization’s selection of contraceptive methods has been confirmed in 2004 that the use of compound oral contraceptives during pregnancy during pregnancy has no known harm to women’s pregnancy process or fetus. This view has reached a consensus.

At present, compound short -acting short -acting oral contraceptives are extremely low in clinical clinical clinical, and strict triteromy experiments are performed before the clinical clinical, which refers to carcinogenic, teratogenic, and mutation experiments, which is safe for the human body.

Generally speaking, common emergency contraceptives, the main components are large dose of progesterone. The amount of hormone used at a time is equivalent to the elegance of the progesterone in the 8 conventional short -acting oral contraceptives.Large doses of progesterone can easily cause female endocrine disorders, changes in menstrual cycle, but have no effect on the fetus, and children can still stay.

Because from the last menstrual period to the next time I should take medicine between menstruation is the concept of "all or no", that is, the effect of drugs during pregnancy on the fetus mainly occurs in the extreme early stage of pregnancy, that is, pregnancy, that is, pregnancy, that is, pregnancy, that is, pregnancy, that is, pregnancy, that is, pregnancy, is pregnancy, that is, pregnancyWithin two weeks, it is usually said that within the 32nd day of menstruation, the effect of drugs on the fetus is a concept of "all or no".It may directly lead to the natural abortion of the fetus; it means that there is no impact in medicine, so when taking emergency contraceptives, it belongs to the next menstruation, at this time there is no impact on the fetus.Therefore, after taking emergency contraceptives, you can be pregnant at this time. If there are no other special circumstances, you can leave this little life.Don’t be afraid!

Why are you pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives?

Whether you can get pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives is mainly to see the method and timing of taking it. For example, it is too late to take an emergency contraceptive pill. In addition, emergency contraceptives are an emergency measure, and there is a certain chance of failure.of.Generally speaking, the probability of 20 % cannot achieve the effect of contraceptives, so if you take contraceptives irregular or emergency contraceptives, you may be pregnant.

If there is no fertility requirement for the time being, it is best to set it up, and taking emergency contraceptives often is not good for women.

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