Can the baby still predict his gender?Rumor: Both of these statements are not reliable

Many women are particularly sensitive when they are pregnant. Whether they are dreaming, or eating, etc., they can think of babies in their stomachs.Xiao Na is a pregnant woman. She said that when she was pregnant, she could always dream of her husband derailed.

Based on this, she said that she must be a girl in her stomach.It is said that my daughter is the little lover of the child’s dad’s previous life. Isn’t this a dream told me, do you want to have a daughter? I feel very happy to think about it.

In fact, there is no scientific basis for this statement, but it is just a kind of thought.In addition to Xiao Na’s statement, the following two claims are not reliable.

Those who like to eat sour are sons in the future:

As the saying goes, "Sour Sour Girl", if the child is not born, there are still many elderly people and Bao Da Bao, from the taste.But everyone is wrong. None of the sour and spicy foods are not factor that can determine the gender of the child.

The reason why pregnant women have this reaction is that one is because of personal preferences. From a young age, she prefers sour food or spicy food.The second is because women have changed their bodies when they are pregnant.

Volume -promoting gonadotropin from the body’s endocrine reduces the secretion of gastric acid to a certain extent. There is less activity of digestive enzymes, and people’s appetite and digestion will be affected.In this case, pregnant women prefer to eat some irritating foods than meat and light food.

Sour and spicy are in line with this characteristic, so this statement is unreliable.

Born with a sharp belly, a girl with a round belly:

There is no scientific basis for this statement. The stomach of the pregnant mother is tip or a circle.

If the pregnant woman’s itself is a obese body, as the baby’s month is getting larger and larger, and the horizontal direction cannot be developed, it will develop vertically.This is also caused. People with thinner figures often have a sharp belly.The obese people have a round belly, which has nothing to do with the gender of the child.

From the perspective of the fetal position, the belly is round under normal circumstances, but in the process of growing up, some babies move in the mother’s belly, which may make the belly sharp.

There is also the width of the pelvis. If the pelvis of Baoma itself is very wide, the state of the belly is often round.On the contrary, as the baby grows up, a sharp belly will appear with the baby.

From the perspective of these three factors that can determine the belly, they have nothing to do with the saying of "having a boy with a tip of the belly and having a girl with a round belly".Everyone usually chats with jokes. It is unreliable to judge the gender of the child in this statement. Don’t be disappointed than hope.

Mom, do you have heard of what can predict the baby’s gender speech?Welcome to leave a message to share in the comment area ~

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