Can the husband derailment during pregnancy be divorced?

According to Article 34 of the Marriage Law, the man shall not propose a divorce during pregnancy, one year after childbirth or within six months after delivery.The woman’s divorce, or the court believes that it is necessary to accept the divorce request of the man, which is not limited.

The provisions of Article 34 of the Marriage Law should be understood as pregnancy and childbirth that occurred as the behavior of the men and the woman’s behavior, and should not include the pregnancy and childbirth caused by the sexual relationship caused by the woman and others. OtherwiseIt’s very unfair.The sexual behavior of the woman and others lead to pregnancy, childbirth, and serious fault. It is also a serious harm to the relationship between the man. In this caseThe original intention is against, so the man should be given the right to sue the divorce.

Therefore, whether the woman can divorce during pregnancy must depend on the actual situation.

2. How to divorce during pregnancy

If the woman asks for divorce during pregnancy; or because the woman and others are adulterated, the man proposed a divorce, and both men and women can negotiate with each other. When both parties voluntarily divorce and have no objection to the property division, they can go to the local Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the divorce registration procedureTo achieve the purpose of divorce during pregnancy.For how to divorce during pregnancy, please refer to the following agreement to divorce the procedure:

1. Application

The divorce of the agreement must be applied for the marriage registration management organs where the household registration is located in person.When applying, all parties shall hold the household registration certificate, the identity certificate of the residents, the introduction letter issued by the unit or the village, and the residential committee, and the divorce agreement, the marriage certificate, etc., so that the management organs can find out the identity of the parties and determine the jurisdiction.

2. Examine

After the marriage registration management authority accepts the divorce registration application of the parties, it should be reviewed within one month. During the review process, the content of the agreement should be fully understood, especially if the meaning of the parties requests the divorce is true.Whether life difficulties help, divide property, and debt handling are appropriate.

3. Registration

After the marriage registration management organs are reviewed, those who meet the divorce conditions shall be registered, the divorce certificate shall be issued, and the marriage certificate shall be issued; for those who do not register the statutory conditions, they shall explain the reasons for registration in writing.The parties were lifted from getting a divorce certificate.If one party who does not perform its obligations in accordance with the divorce agreement, the other party may file a civil lawsuit with the people’s court.

4. Cancel

If the parties who apply for divorce falsify and deceive the divorce registration, the marriage registration management organs shall withdraw the divorce registration, announce that the divorce parties will announce that they will have an invalid marriage relationship and recover the divorce certificate, and a fine of the parties shall be under 200 yuan.If the parties believe that they meet the divorce conditions, they can apply for administrative reconsideration in accordance with the law and decide to be unconvinced in accordance with the law. They may file an administrative lawsuit according to law.

During the process of divorce litigation, the woman needs to defend the cause of the marriage foundation, the relationship after marriage, and the cause of the relationship between the husband and wife.It is also necessary to submit real and effective evidence. If fake or fictional evidence occurs, the parties are also illegal.

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