Can the urine test paper find that I am pregnant? Can I do yin super? Will it affect the baby?

The 32 -year -old Junjun Xing went into my clinic. Speaking, doctor, I was pregnant, you see the test strip "two bars", "congratulations", I congratulate Junjun.You know, Junjun is not easy to get pregnant. She is busy with her loved ones and often travels. Junjun also often works overtime. With the age of age, Junjun wants the baby to feel more and more intense, so she also deliberately changed in the unit to changeAfter a relatively easy department, after a year of hard work, he finally made his wish.

Junjun usually has a normal menstruation, basically once every 28 days. Now that he has just stopped menstruation for 30 days, he found the "two bars" with urine test strip.We say that HCG can be detected from blood or urine 8-9 days after ovulation clinically. This is the most commonly used method for diagnosis of pregnancy, called pregnancy test.However, Junjun’s "captain" can only show that she is pregnant and cannot distinguish whether pregnancy is normal. Ultrasonic examinations need to be performed at 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy to determine whether it is in the palace pregnancy, whether the pregnancy week, the fetus, the fetus, whetherSurvival, number of fetuses, uterine attachments, etc.

Everyone is well known. There are three methods for gynecological ultrasound examinations: abdominal ultrasound examination, vaginal ultrasound examination, and rectal ultrasound.All three methods are observed in the uterus, accessories and pelvis.

Meridum ultrasound is mainly used for women with unclear display images of the abdominal ultrasound, but women who can not perform vaginal ultrasound, such as children, women who have no sexual life, vaginal malformations, or women with significant shrinking elderly vagina.Junjun does not need to consider meridian ultrasound, so how to choose the two abdominal ultrasound and vaginal ultrasound?

Let’s take a look at how these two ultrasound operate?

Meridity ultrasound is to check the ultrasound probe on the lower abdomen for examination, and the subject needs to be urinating to a sufficient degree.

Vaginal ultrasonic refers to the condom on the intraocular ultrasound probe, and the probe is extended into the vagina for examination.Before the inspection, the probe needs to be disinfected with conventional, put on a disposable condom, the inner and outer coating coupling agent.Mark the direction of the monitor to grasp the direction of the probe.

Therefore, vaginal ultrasound does not need to fill the bladder, it is easy to operate, and it is not painless, especially for obesity patients or pelvic deep organs.

Since the beginning of the ultrasound in the diagnosis of obstetrics in 1958, it has been applied clinically for more than 40 years. The safety of ultrasound examination of early pregnancy has always been a problem that doctors and pregnant women have paid attention to. At present, the ultrasound that has not confirmed the diagnostic dose has irreversible damage to the fetus.Essence

However, when ultrasonic is spread in the human body tissue, the ultrasonic energy can be transformed into heat energy, causing the heating of local tissue to increase the structure and function of the structure and function, which is known as the biological effect of ultrasound.Therefore, the time and ultrasonic output power international industry in the international industry of ultrasound inspection is defined.Generally, the time of ultrasonic examination during early pregnancy should not exceed 3 minutes, and it is a non -fixed -point taxi check, which is basic safe to embryo.

Studies suggest that the diagnosis of ultrasonic radiation only causes potential damage to fluff only when it reaches 20 minutes, but the damage effect is reversible.

Through the study of vaginal ultrasonic radiation, 10 minutes of vaginal ultrasonic radiation can occur after 10 minutes of embryonic fur fur, and individual breaks and loss can occur. Therefore, it is pointed out that early pregnancy women planned to be produced should be avoided by vaginal ultrasound.Of course, women who want to stop pregnancy need to do artificial abortion are another matter.

Therefore, diagnostic ultrasound will not affect embryos under the intensity of safe diagnosis.

Because the vaginal probe is closer to the pelvic organs, the frequency of the probe is higher, the image resolution is high, and the subtle structural characteristics and blood flow of the uterus, ovarian and pelvic mass can be better displayed.The effect of attenuation.Therefore, when there are suspected ectopic pregnancy, incomplete abortion, embryo discontinuation, nourishing cell diseases, etc., vaginal ultrasound examination can be used.

Then Junjun did not have abnormalities in this pregnancy, and the weight was in the normal range, and there was no overweight at all. Therefore, it is recommended that Junjun can conduct a long abdominal examination at the abdominal ultrasound at 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy to determine whether it is in the palace pregnancy and gestational week.Whether the fetus survives, the number of fetus, and the attachment of the uterus.If abnormal conditions occur, vaginal ultrasound examination is used when there are abnormal pregnancy, incomplete abortion, embryo -stop, nourishing cell disease, etc.

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