Can these foods eat these foods, crabs, and ice cream?

It’s time to eat crayfish again,

A large pot of red flavor,

Go deep into the heart of "food".

There are also crabs, yellow crickets, ice cream,

… …


But many pregnant mothers have been banned from eating,

Are these "ban" scientific basis?

Can the crayfish really can’t eat it?

Pregnant women can eat crayfish, but be sure to pay attention to the following points:

① It is necessary to ensure that the waters where their breeding is not pollution is from regular channels -such as supermarkets, chain brand stores, and famous brands.

② During the cooking process, be sure to cook crayfish.

③ Do not suck the shrimp head, because the toxins are mainly accumulated in the internal organs, and it cannot be removed by cooking.

④ Be sure to pay attention to the amount of food. Just eat a few solutions every time. You ca n’t eat too much, and you ca n’t eat at high frequencies.

Huang Tuya is toxic and can’t eat it?

Previously, a pregnant mother said that the family said that Huang Yan could not eat toxic pregnancy.This … If it is really poisonous, you can’t eat it if you are not pregnant!

In fact, pregnant women can eat scutellaria baicalensis, and yellow crickets are rich in protein, trace elements, and a small amount of fat, which is conducive to nutrition during pregnancy and the baby’s growth and development.

Of course, the premise of eating is to ensure that the source of the yellow cricket is clean and cooked.

Can’t eat crab cold?

There have been rumors about crabs: crabs are cold, and pregnant women will have a miscarriage.Don’t ask, ask the old saying that there is a cloud ~~

Of course, the ancients did not have records of pregnant women who could not eat hairy crabs, but the reason was not cold.In the books such as "Women’s Daquan Fang" and "Ji Yin Outline" and other books, "Eating crabs, making Zizi born." It means that when pregnant women eat crabs, the child will be born horizontally.In a sense, what do you eat?

In fact, there are no cases of miscarriage and difficulty in eating crabs. Take a step back. If you eat crabs can really cause abortion, you do n’t need to go to the hospital after accidental pregnancy. Just eat a pot of crabs directly …

As long as pregnant women do not eat dirty crabs, dead crabs, and crabs that are not familiar with, they are not too sensitive to crabs.

Ice cream is too cold and can’t eat?

You can eat ice cream when you are pregnant, just do not eat too much, eat in moderation, and pay attention to seasonal, temperature, etc.After pregnancy, the effect of hormones weakens, gastrointestinal motility weakens, and the immunity of pregnant women decreases. Eating too many cold drinks can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort and cause gastric pain and diarrhea.

In fact, there are really not so many taboos during pregnancy. As long as they can ensure the safety of food, pregnant women can eat before pregnancy, and they can be eaten during pregnancy.Of course, pay attention to restraint, and you ca n’t eat as much as you want.

I wish pregnant mothers during pregnancy

You can eat happily!

Written I Xu Xiao Sheng

Edit i Qijie

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