Can we not get pregnant during ovulation?Oh, don’t tease me

Bleeding during ovulation is commonly known as aunt, and many sisters will encounter.The sisters who are preparing for pregnancy will worry that my little aunt will come to visit me every month, wouldn’t I be unable to prepare for pregnancy?Calm, in fact, the aunt can also prepare for pregnancy. Don’t tease me if you say no.

Bleeding during ovulation refers to a regular vaginal bleeding during ovulation.It generally appears in the 12th to 16th of the menstrual cycle. It takes a few hours or 2 to 3 days, and it does not exceed 7 days.Some sisters occasionally appear auntie phenomenon in one or two months, while others will continue to have such a condition in a row.

Bleeding during ovulation, sisters do not have to panic.As long as the cause of transitional fatigue or poor mood causes the level of estrogen as long as it is caused by the transitional fatigue or the poor mood, resulting in ovulation bleeding.And if the bleeding during ovulation lasts for more than half a year and the amount of bleeding is close to menstruation, this is pathological. Sisters need to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination of gynecology to eliminate the problem of cervical or uterine endometrium.And sisters are most concerned about whether bleeding during ovulation affects conception.In fact, during ovulation bleeding, it is not suitable for sexual life.When the bleeding is over, the sisters can be pregnant with her husband.However, you need to pay attention to two points: First, both the husband and wife should pay special attention to personal physiological hygiene whether the ovulation is bleeding or after the bleeding period or after the ovulation period or after the ovulation is bleeding to avoid bacterial infections.Second, if the bleeding period is long and the amount of bleeding is large, it must go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination to detect the cause.Because of honesty, bleeding during ovulation is just a representation, it will not affect pregnancy.The gynecological disease behind it is the culprit that affects pregnancy.

In the end, sisters should pay attention to rest during ovulation to avoid excessive fatigue, while diet should be balanced.Bleeding during ovulation is not terrible, but the sisters should light up their eyes to make the cause, so that the faster can love and get pregnant happily.

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