Can you be in the same room?This interview variety show, I see me blushing and shy

Yesterday, I talked about the richness (convergence) of the marriage market today.

Without him, although there are amateur people who are ambiguous in a house, there are also let their parents evaluate their children in love.

There are real world showing the lives of husband and wife, and some of the divorced actresses Zhang Luo.

But the guests were boring, reflected AI, and they were finished.

Besides, have you discovered?

From love, marriage, baby, and even divorce, every node for women’s marriage and love has a variety show.

Avoid a ring -fertility.

Source | "The First Life"

This one should break the taboos, go to see, go to face, and explore the topic.

It has always been lacking.

Even as an entertainment to the show, it was touched lightly.

This has always been a regret in my heart.

Not long ago, his cousin pushed a treasure port.

Not only did the words that should be said to be clearly placed on the table, the scale is not ordinary.

Let me talk to you today ——

"Mom and Japan"

"Mom Voice" below

How bold is "Mother’s Voice"?

In the first episode of the show, when talking about pregnancy, Yuan Yongyi bluntly said that she "pays attention to posture."

The general variety show is here.

But here, the host not only answered "I am like this", but also continued to ask "what posture".

Yuan Yongyi naturally did not avoid: "The posture in the future is to invert people."

ah?Is this something that can be heard without spending money?

As another period, what should I do if I have desire during pregnancy? "

The discussion of the show is also the scale of the racing of the ground in an instant–

The guests admitted that they loved watching pornographic films when they were pregnant, and invited her husband to be rejected.

The host asked if the doctor would have an impact on the fetus, and would they encounter a baby too strong.

I even asked if it was possible to hit the baby’s head.

Instead, it makes Piao doubt whether his shyness is out of time.

Speaking of raising milk.

The guests bluntly changed the chest shape before and after the milk, like a balloon–

It’s better to swell a bit,

It may be discouraged after feeding

Talking about the suture of the surgical incision.

The host in the first second still asked tentatively: "Will there be too much or too little?"

In the next second, Tang Yingying directly broke the vagueness. "I guess they want to ask, should you ask the doctor to sew a narrower?"

The blushing doctor was fluttering.

Seems large -scale, seemingly unfair, but in fact, it is a normal problem that women will encounter in the process of fertility.

The purpose of throwing the problem is to solve the problem.

The guest host shared his experience, and "Mom Voice" also invited a professional obstetrician and gynecologist to answer questions for mothers.

For example, if you have desire during pregnancy, doctors must first have "it is possible in most cases."

Even if only a small number of people can do this, it is "not abnormal."

Remove the psychological burden of mothers.

As for how to operate and whether it will affect the fetus, the doctor also gives a scientific answer–

Try not to overwhelm your stomach, and you will be safer to sideways.

If you do a house in the late pregnancy, you may touch the fetus’s head, but it does not mean that there will be danger.

Some mothers doubt whether they cause contractions due to orgasm.

The doctor also carefully explained that the contraction is mainly related to the prostaglandin in the semen. If the concentration is too high, it will have an oxytic effect.

In the final analysis, sensitivity will only be more sensitive because of shame, and confusion will only be more confused by sensitivity.

Say confusion and eliminate doubts.

Ask for knowledge, it should always be before "sensitivity".

In addition to daring to say hidden, eliminate doubts for mothers.

"Mom Voice" dares to speak even more, and help the mothers get rid of the predicament.

Such as abortion.

A mother lost her baby due to the abortion caused by toxia during pregnancy.

At that time, because of panic and fear, she missed the last side of her baby, and the pain of miscarriage continued to this day.

In Hong Kong, the fetus with less than 24 weeks is not defined as "human", resulting in most of the early abortion fetuses as medical waste treatment.

Therefore, like this mother, many women are in an unsolvable emotion after abortion.

It is not possible to bury the baby well and say goodbye to the baby. It is the most painful pain for many mothers.

From this point, "Mom Voice" brought the little BB restaurant treatment team to the audience.

The organization can earn some places through continuous efforts and appeals to make these babies rest in peace.

Moms can better say goodbye to their babies, so as to get out of trouble faster.

Like domestic violence.

Many women choose to be patient after domestic violence, and they are unwilling to divorce for their children, and even dare not ask for help.

"Mom Voice" invites professional domestic violence to ask for help, not only reiterating the physical and psychological damage caused by domestic violence to women.

More importantly, tell mothers that domestic violence will not improve spontaneously.

The seemingly "sweet" period, but it is just a tension-an outbreak-a part of the sweet cycle, the same damage will still happen again.

To protect children by maintaining marriage, it will actually cause greater harm to children.

Many children have gradually formed a tendency to express violence in intimate relationships in the subtle influence-

If you are a daughter

Will slowly learn to be the abuser

When growing up, you may find the violence as a husband

Son is very likely to learn the kind of dad

Violence tendency to violence

I think the problem can be solved

To warn the majority of mothers, if you encounter domestic violence, you must say it, don’t hide it.

It is possible to give up patience to become bright.

In addition to the perspective of women and mothers, "Mom Voice" also brought men into the process of fertility.

In the discussion of the problem of pregnancy, there was a point that made Piaopiao warm.

When it comes to sperm quality, the host asked the doctor if age has an impact on quality.

The doctor answered "there is some impact."

But before comparing women, he felt sorry "Sorry".

Then he said, "but not as great as a woman’s influence."

"No female influence is so great" is a scientific understanding and fact.

However, being able to perceive the commitment and injuries that may bring, and comfort and explain, it reflects humanistic care and respect.

And this kind of respect and publicity of respect runs through "Mom Voice".

Let dad experience pain.

At the beginning, I threatened to see if the dysmenorrhea was really so painful.

Before the machine was on the "dysmenorrhea", it was so painful that he had red ears and red ears, and grinned with his teeth.

After the end, all the difficulties of mothers.

As for bringing the baby, the head is the father of the Tao, and it can be described in the real operation.

And when my father is involved in his heart, he will inevitably encounter various problems like his mother.

The most difficult to get rid of is the desire to control. It is manifested in the way, which is reflected in the rigor of obsessive -compulsive disorder.

But for young children, the truth is unknown and the awareness of the rules has not yet been established.

The rigor of this adult style will only have fear and pressure.

Since the pace of adults and children is different, how can we ask children to catch up desperately.

This is something that parents should reflect as adults.

Our pace is very different from children

Why do children follow us

Why don’t we reverse

Slow our pace

Let them take us away

And the ultimate thing to bring dad to the baby is the full -time dad.

Is there a criticism?How could it not.

After all, even Qi Qi said that when discussing this issue, the premise of "wife’s annual salary of millions" must be added.

As a full -time dad in reality, you only have to face more puzzled and misunderstood-

You just have a wife.

But as the show said, whether it is full -time or working, the most important thing is to find your most comfortable environment and reach a consensus with the other half.

Therefore, the "inner inside" or "the main outside" is never. Which gender must be done or must not be done, it is even more distinguished.

Because it is more patient, it is more suitable for taking care of children. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, I chose to bring a baby, which is just a choice.

As for the value of full -time dads (mothers), whether it can no longer be obliterated due to obscurity, whether it can be seen continuously, this may need to be more long and improve.

But at least at present, it is a good start to be understood by family and being recognized by children.

And this kind of understanding and recognition is exactly what "Mom Voice" wants to strive and convey.

In the few comments in "Mom Sound", interesting, real, and touching are the three words with the highest frequency.

It is interesting from the charm of the variety show itself, and the style of the guests itself -dare to say, dare to ask, dare to tease.

The real and touching is inseparable from the characteristics of the two mothers of fertility and mother.

For a long time, the discussion of the topic of fertility, either sensitive to taboo, or seriousness.

There are also "gourds" and "Sun Wukong". When the topic of fertility is mentioned, they will ridicule "selling miserable and punched", clamoring "to magnify women’s sorrow" and criticize "aggravating gender barriers".

Source | "Character"

"Mom Voice" explores the topic of fertility through variety shows, which is undoubtedly the most powerful backbone of this sound.

Say we sell miserable, we laughed and said to you.

Say we amplify the pain points of women, and we show you the power of women.

It is said that we aggravate gender barriers, and we invite men to come together.

This is the bone of "Mom Sound" and the usual heart of "Mom Voice".

Problems and pain never solve and disappear because of silence and avoidance.

Because you are not afraid of criticism, you dare to say;

Because it is not subject to sensitivity, I am happy to say;

Because you don’t think misery, you can say.

Women have been given the ability to give birth, but never means that fertility is the duty of women.

In other words, becoming a mother has never been instinct.

Mother positions are not necessarily the same as great, sacred, and touching.

It is not the legendary "it will naturally" "naturally will be raised when you are born."

The mothers who are not so "standard" are in anxiety and are questioned.

I ca n’t do it, I have doubts, do n’t do it well, but it ’s normal, but how can I take it out to talk about it?

After all, as a comment said-

In fact, there is nothing to talk about when a mother’s business.

This may also be the voice that "Mom Voice" wants to convey to the mothers–

Nothing can’t say.

This should be the confidence of the mothers.

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