Can you drink when you drink?These kinds of people are really not suitable, hurry up and persuade

Long -term drinking can cause damage to the stomach, liver, and kidney.The damage to the gastrointestinal tract is mainly manifested in gastritis, gastric erosion, and digestive ulcers; damage to the liver is mainly fatty liver, and in severe cases, alcoholic hepatitis, and even liver cirrhosis;Insufficient function.

In addition, the physical condition is different, and the body’s expression is different after drinking. Some people have a red face after drinking, and some people have not changed.


Is the face red suitable for drinking after drinking?

After drinking the wine, the face flushed. After drinking among the Asian people, half of the people blushed. The situation of European and white people is relatively rare. This has something to do with the genes of different races. Some people blush after drinking alcohol.The reason is that acetaldehyde is piled up too much in the body.

We all know that alcohol is in the liver, generates acetaldehyde through ethanol dehydrogenase, and acetaldehyde has been metabolized by acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. As a result, some people’s acetaldehyde dehydrogenase activity is very low.Acetaldehyde cannot be dehydrated, and it cannot be metabolized. As a result, acetaldehyde is increased in the liver, including it will also rise in the body.

Acetaldehyde can lead to a expansion of capillaries and blood vessels, which shows that they are blushing and red, so it should be said that the acetaldehyde dehydrogenase activity of people who blushing decreases and cannot drink.

If you occasionally drink a small amount, the face red can be passed with acetaldehyde

Gradually metabolizing and returning to normal, but long -term drinking and a lot of drinking lead to alcohol poisoning, and can also cause acute gastric bleeding, alcoholic fatty liver, obesity and hyperlipidemia, hypertension, stroke of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and metabolic diseases, Seriously harm physical health.


Who is not suitable for drinking?

1. Patients with hypertension

After the alcohol enters the body, it can accelerate the circulation of blood and increase blood capacity, increase blood pressure. Patients with hypertension often drink alcohol and increase the incidence of stroke and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

To avoid the emergence of this situation, you need to develop good habits while promoting health, adjust your personal diet, and do not stick to wine to avoid the rise of blood pressure.

2. Patients with liver disease

After drinking, alcohol enters the human body to decompose metabolism through the liver, and then excretes the body.Drinking alcohol when the liver function decreases. The liver cannot decompose alcohol normally, which can easily cause alcohol to stay in the liver for a long time, causing or aggravating liver disease.

3. Patients with diabetes

Drinking is not conducive to the blood glucose control of diabetic patients, and may increase the condition, so diabetic patients should not drink alcohol.Many patients choose some foods with more fat content while drinking, which will increase blood sugar, and then gain weight, and can also affect the metabolism of fat and increase blood lipids.

4. Breastfeeding and pregnancy women

After breastfeeding women drink alcohol, alcohol will enter milk. Children enter the baby’s body by eating milk alcohol, which may affect the healthy growth of the child.

Drinking during pregnancy: Alcohol can cause damage to the body and fetal health of pregnant women.Alcohol has strong penetration in the human body. After alcohol enters the human body, it will directly enter the human blood from the gastric mucosa. The liver is required to participate in metabolism, which will cause the endocrine of pregnant women to be affected.

Drinking a lot of alcohol in pregnant women is a common cause of pregnancy accidents such as miscarriage. In particular, some pregnant women often alcohol often, which is more likely to lead to endocrine abnormalities and physical declines, thereby increasing the chance of production.

Pregnancy and drinking will not only produce abortion, but also cause various serious consequences such as death, premature birth, and difficulty.As a self -protection barrier of the fetus, the placenta can resist most of the germs and some harmful substances in food, but there is no way to effectively block alcohol to enter.

Drinking in moderation has a health care effect. It must be appropriate. Opinions Suggestions: The benefits of drinking in moderation: 1. Stomach stomach to drive the wind and enhance appetite; 2. Eliminate fatigue; 4, help sleeprisks of.

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