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Among the "New Ten Articles" released on December 7, the isolation method was optimized and adjusted. It mentioned that "asymptomatic infections with home isolation conditions and light cases are generally used at home isolation, and they can also choose centralized isolation and treatment voluntarily."

Do I have to take medicine at home?From time to the medicine?How to take antipyretics and cold medicine?Come to listen to what Li Yan, chief physician of the Infement Infection Department of Beijing You’an Hospital, said ↓

Yang is Yang, one day I started taking medicine?

Li Yan once said that taking medicine was to alleviate the symptoms.Generally, from the next day, when we are most uncomfortable, we start taking medicine, or when we feel that symptoms affect rest and sleep, we can take some medicines that relieve symptoms.There is no need to take medicine too early.

Can young people take no medicine when they are positive?

Li Yan once said that asymptomatic infected people do not need to take medicine at all, rest at home, and maintain a good mood and good physical condition.If the symptoms are lighter, rest, drink plenty of water, and do not take medicine, the problem can be healed without a lot of problems.

If the symptoms are more serious, there is no need to carry it. If the rest is not good, it will affect the recovery of the disease.Many over -the -counter symptoms are also very safe now, and there is no need to avoid it.

Yang, don’t take multiple antipyretics repeatedly

Li Yan once said that taking medicine is to alleviate the symptoms, not to eat or eat more according to the recommended drug types.What symptoms are there to alleviate what symptoms.For example, fever, headache, sore body, and impact on rest, use some medicines such as ibuprofen and acetaminol with some heat and analgesic.If nasal congestion and runny nose, you can use chloribinamin, dectrherazine, Sidalizine, etc. to alleviate the medicine of the nasal congestion.Cough and sputum are also medicines with cough and expectorant.If these symptoms are available, use compound cold medicines, like Tono can alleviate all the symptoms, and can also be eaten in combination with some Chinese medicines, the effect will be better.

Li Yan once emphasized that do not take multiple antipyretics repeatedly, and choose one, and you ca n’t eat more. For example, ibuprofen may be once every 4 to 6 hours to 4 to 6 hours, and it does not exceed 4 times a day.If you use an antipyretic medicine, do not use a compound cold medicine, or use a compound cold medicine, do not use antipyretic medicine, because there are some antipyretic components, once too much is damaged to the body.

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