Can’t keep dogs when you are pregnant?Don’t panic officer, check the dog bow -shaped insect inspection

I do n’t know if the shovel officer has such doubts, can you continue to raise dogs after preparing for pregnancy or pregnancy?In fact, the veterinarian Xiaoming can actually see some pregnant shit officers who are pregnant and will send the dog away or discarded.In fact, this kind of thing is very helpless. The thought of the older generation is that there are bacteria on the dog, which can infect children.

And those people have heard or saw it online, and there is no basis.The veterinarian Xiaoming also saw such a news before: The woman was reluctant to send the dog away during pregnancy, and her husband fell off the dog from the high -rise building.This news can see that the veterinarian Xiaoming is actually uncomfortable. Is it too cruel to kill the dog that has not been raised for a long time?

Then veterinarian Xiaoming wants to ask: What should a woman who is a veterinarian work?When you do n’t have to prepare for pregnancy, you should leave at home to prepare for tires?Therefore, the shoveling officer does not need to panic. Compared with the shoveling officer, there is more time for veterinarians to come into contact with dogs. Is the veterinarian who is afraid that infection with bacteria and will simply resign if it will affect the baby?This is actually to scare himself. The shoveling officer must comprehensively look at this matter, and you must not listen to it at will.

Today, the veterinarian Xiaoming will give you a few knowledge points about whether pregnant women can raise dogs. The shoveling officer can learn about it.

(1) Parasitic infection

The biggest reason for the shit officer who is pregnant or prepared may send away the dog’s dog is afraid of the infection of Toxoplasma. After all, I do n’t see the online that pregnancy cannot be raised, and it will be infected with a bowworm.But did the shovel officer really know what toxoplasma is?

Gow -shaped worms are a type of parasite in the cell, which can reach all parts of the whole body with blood flow.However, the infection of the toxoplasma worm is mainly caused by food intake. That is to say, only the shovel officer eats raw meat with bowworm or cooked without cooking.And dog foods who usually eat dog food will not be infected with toxoplasma.

What the shoveling official may not know is that cats are the ultimate host of the Toxoplasma.The veterinarian Xiaoming said that some shovel officers may not abandon the dog, but are going to throw away their cats.Here we need to emphasize that only those cats who often hunting outside can become the ultimate host, that is, only cats infected with toxoplasma, their feces or foods contaminated with body fluids, and the shoveling officer accidentally eats it accidentally.It will cause infection toxoplasma.

So now in the city, dogs are raised. They eat dog food for them, and shovel officers take a regular bath to help them clean and disinfect them. Generally, toxoplasma is not carried.If the shoveling officer is not assured, he can go to the hospital to check the dog for a bowworm, and you can be more assured.

(2) There are bacteria on the dog

In fact, this problem veterinarian Xiaoming is puzzled. Is there only a dog with bacteria on the dog?As long as the shovel officer survives in this world, it is impossible to live in a sterile state, and the sterile state will only reduce the baby’s immunity.There are a lot of bacteria on ourselves, and even the air and breast milk have bacteria. Should shovel officers not breathe or give their children milk?

Therefore, the dogs with a lot of bacteria on the dogs should be sent away or discarded the shit officer. You may not like the dog as you think.Of course, the cleaning and deworming work of dogs must be in place, and the dog’s utensils are regularly disinfected, and the vaccine is also indispensable.

(3) What should I do if the dog hurts the baby?

This situation is normal for the shovel officer to worry about it. The shoveling officer needs to build a healthy and safe environment for the baby and the dog. When they are in contact, they must be accompanied by a parent to prevent the baby from scratching the dog or encountering encounters of the dog or encountering it.Dogs do not like positions, which causes dogs to resist bite the baby.In the case of parents’ absence, it is best not to let the baby contact the dog to avoid accidents.Of course, it is necessary to inject rabies vaccine for dogs.

(4) Dogs of hair loss

The shoveling officer may worry about whether the dog’s hair loss will make the baby allergic. First of all, the veterinarian Xiaoming wants to say that if the shovel officer itself is allergic to the dog’s hair, it is not suitable for dogs, and will the baby allergic to the dog will be allergic to the dogIn this issue, research abroad has shown that pet dogs can reduce the chance of children’s allergies.The shoveling officer can regularly sort the dogs to reduce the hair of the dog.

In the end, the veterinarian Xiaoming wants to say that the shoveling officer may also worry about many, many pregnancy -raised dogs, and some shoveling officers can be understood by fear of fear.However, the veterinarian Xiaoming really does not recommend discarding the dog. He can foster or sells it to the shoveling officer who wants to raise a dog. If you do n’t help it, you can send them to a stray dog rescue station.The abandonment and falling death is really cruel to the dog, and I hope that the shoveling officer thinks clearly.

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