Can’t move and decorate after pregnancy?It’s not superstitious, you need to pay attention when preparing for the fetus

When her husband’s colleague Xiao Li got married, the new house had not been delivered, and the couple lived with the old man.Recently, the new house has been renovated. Xiao Li’s daughter -in -law wants to have his own space and is anxious to move to the new house.However, Xiao Li’s parents strongly opposed.

"How can I get pregnant, it is not good for the child to violate the fetal god." The reason for Xiao Li’s mother made young people uncomfortable.

Although Xiao Li felt a little superstition for her mother, after all, her wife should be cautious during the critical pregnancy.Therefore, Xiao Li consulted some colleagues with children and asked everyone about their opinions.

Everyone’s opinion on this is the same as Xiao Li’s mother, but the reason is different.It is not suitable to decorate the house or move to a new house that has just been renovated during pregnancy.

Regarding indoor decoration pollution, many people know that formaldehyde is harmful to the human body, but pays attention to it, and some are not enough.

On October 27, 2017, in the list of carcinogens published by the International Cancer Research Agency of the World Health Organization, formaldehyde was placed in a class of carcinogens.The formaldehyde with long -term inhalation of exceeding the standard is a risk of carcinogenic.The harm of formaldehyde to the human body is not just this.

During pregnancy, different from the usual health of pregnant women and fetuses.

The formaldehyde content in the newly renovated house is easy to exceed the standard. At this time, if the pregnant woman lives in such an environment for a long time, it will have a bad impact on their physical health, especially the fetal development.

During the research process of formaldehyde hazards, it has been found that formaldehyde can cause fetal malformations or dead tires.

For the healthy development of the fetus, we must pay attention to the problem of air quality, and try not to move into a new house after pregnancy.

In addition, moving during pregnancy is easy to cause fatigue, and it is also dangerous for the fetus.

Therefore, after pregnancy, try not to decorate or move.

The impact of formaldehyde on human reproduction is not only harmful to pregnant women. Without pregnancy, it has been living in an environment of formaldehyde over -standard, but it is also easy to cause infertility.

Therefore, pay attention to the problem of indoor air quality during pregnancy.

For most families, they moved into new houses to live in new houses, and they soon asked their children.Under such circumstances, if you want to ensure the quality of the air, you also need to pay attention to reducing the content of formaldehyde when renovating.

The decoration materials used also have furniture, which must choose products with quality and quantity.For example, many like to choose to use wooden floors must be based on their environmental protection standards.

[In 2020, Shiyou Floor "Allywate -free Add Floor" -the three -layer solid wood composite floor and the new five -layer solid wood composite floor are listed on the market, and the new upgrade is an environmental protection standard for Eɴf⁺ ≤ 0.020㎎/m³.Let users’ green home environmental protection standards greatly improve..

In addition, after the renovation, try to ventilate the house for a while, for several months to half a year, and then move into the living.

You can also find a professional institution to detect the quality of indoor air.

If you live in a new house that live in the decoration after pregnancy, pregnant women should pay attention to their physical condition and improve their immunity.In terms of diet, it is necessary to ensure the matching and diversity of food, so that the nutritional balance is more conducive to the health of the body, and it can also help enhance immunity.

In addition, according to your own situation, move moderately.As long as the body is not abnormal, you can usually choose the way you like to move. This can make your body healthier and conducive to the development of the fetus.

The more important point is to check on time, so that the physical condition of the mother and the fetus can be better monitored.

Pay attention to indoor air quality and health every day.

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