Can’t pregnant women drink soy milk?Is it good for the fetus?

Soymilk is very common in daily life, and soy milk has many benefits for the human body.But whether pregnant women can drink soy milk have some controversy.Let’s discuss whether pregnant women can drink soy milk?What are the benefits of drinking soy milk about pregnant women?

What are the benefits of pregnant women to drink soy milk?

The answer is yes, pregnant women can drink soy milk.Soy is rich in high -quality protein (up to 40%), which is the only complete protein similar to animal protein in plants, and soy protein does not contain cholesterol, which can reduce cholesterol in human serum, which is better than animal protein.The eight essential amino acid ratio of the human body in soy protein is balanced, which is very suitable for the needs of the human body.

Soymilk is a way to eat soybeans. The protein digestion in soy milk reaches more than 95%. Drinking soy milk in pregnant women is a good way to consume protein.And sufficient protein can ensure the healthy development of fetal nerve cells.

Studies believe that female aging is related to estrogen reduction, while soybean cream, soybean isoflavones, soy protein, lecithin, etc., are recognized natural estrogen supplements, which can prevent cancer that endangers women such as uterine cancer and breast cancer.

Seven major taboos of drinking soy milk

1. Avoid drinking soymilk that is not cooked: Many people like to buy raw soy milk to go home to heat themselves. When you see the foam surge when heated, you mistakenly think that you have boiled.It is not boiling, there is no familiarity.

Unsure soy milk is harmful to the human body.Because soy milk contains two toxic substances, it can cause protein metabolic disorders, stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, and cause poisoning symptoms.The way to prevent soy milk poisoning is to boil soy milk at a high temperature of 100 ° C, you can drink it with peace of mind.If you have symptoms such as headache and respiration after drinking soy milk, you should seek medical treatment immediately, and you must not delay the timing to prevent life.

2. Avoid eggs in soymilk: Many people like to make eggs in soymilk, thinking that this is more nutritious, but this method is unscientific, because the mucoprotein in eggs is easy to and asctinase in soy milk in soy milkCombination produces a substance that cannot be absorbed by the human body, which greatly reduces the body’s absorption of nutrition.

3. Avoid brown sugar: add brown sugar to soy milk to drink sweet and sweet, but after the organic acid in brown sugar is combined with the protein in soy milk, it can produce transgender precipitates, which greatly destroys nutrients.

4. Avoid the insulation bottle: there are substances that can remove the scale in the heater in the soy milk. Under the conditions of suitable temperature, soy milk is used as a nutrient, and the bacteria in the bottle will reproduce a lot. After 3 to 4 hours, the soy milk can be defeated.Moisturizing.

5. Avoid drinking too much: Drinking too much soy milk at a time can easily cause poor protein digestion, and discomfort such as abdominal distension and diarrhea.

6. Avoid empty abdomen: Most of the protein in soymilk will be transformed into heat in the human body and consumed, and cannot fully play a replenishment.Eat some starch foods such as bread, pastry, and steamed buns while drinking soy milk, which can make the protein in soy milk in the action of starch, and the enzymatic disintegration with gastric juice is fully absorbed by the gastric juice.

7. Do not drink with drugs: Some drugs will destroy the nutrients in soy milk, such as antibiotic drugs such as tetracycline and erythromycin.

How to supplement nutrition during pregnancy?

1. Reasonably supplement protein

Protein is an indispensable nutrient for life. It participates in muscle internal organs and bones. It needs to be added with 15 grams of protein in the middle of pregnancy.Especially eat more eggs, milk, lean meat, and beans with more high -quality protein.

2. Scientific meal

The fetal nutrients are obtained from the mother’s food. The nutrition consumed by the mother directly determines the health of the fetus, especially affecting the development of tissue organs such as the heart and the brain.When the protein and calcium iron consumed by the mother are insufficient, the child may have iron deficiency or calcium deficiency after birth.

Every day to ensure sufficient energy intake, energy is mainly derived from fat, protein and carbohydrates.In addition, you must supplement enough minerals and vitamins. You should eat nutrients such as fruits, vegetables, lean meat and other nutritious foods every day. The amount of salt should not exceed 6 grams per day.Fruit should choose low sugar, such as kiwi, pear, apple or strawberry.

3. Properly supplement folic acid

Early pregnancy is 1 to 3 months of pregnancy. At this time, it is the golden time period for the differentiation of the fetal organs. The growth and division of cells in early pregnancy are very strong.

Folic acid participates in cell division and protein and nucleic acid synthesis.If folic acid is lacking in the early pregnancy, the development of fetal nerve tube development will cause defects, which will cause fetal malformations or cleft lip and palate.

In addition, the fetal growth in the middle and late pregnancy not only requires folic acid, but also the mother embryo and breast development must also have sufficient folic acid.When folic acid is insufficient, premature hypertension, diabetes, or placenta during pregnancy will cause premature peeling, and may even cause delay in the fetal palace and premature birth.

In addition, if pregnant women lack folic acid, they will cause fetal cleft lip and palate or congenital heart defects, which are rich in green leafy vegetables, animal offal, beans, and fruits and fruits.

4. Reasonable selection supplement

Six months before pregnancy, 0.4 mg of folic acid is required every day, and vitamin A is reasonably supplemented. When vitamin A is deficient or excessive, it may cause newborn malformations.Before pregnancy, you need to add 1000mg of calcium and 30mg iron every day.


Do you like to drink soy milk?Moms should not worry too much. As long as you eat reasonably, your baby will be healthy.

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