Can’t stop urine during pregnancy, will you "leak urine" after giving birth?If you are worried about pregnant women, you may wish to see it, it will be much worse

Many pregnant mothers have no urine during pregnancy, especially during pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy. They often occur because they are too late to go to the toilet, which causes urine leakage on the way to the toilet.At this time, many pregnant mothers will worry that if you continue like this, will urinary incontinence occur after giving birth, causing direct urine?Let’s take a look together.

Case: Pregnant mother leaked urine in the third trimester, scared crying during the birth check, and the doctor was amused

When friends Xiao Chen was pregnant, occasionally leaking a little urine occurred in the second trimester. After entering the third trimester, this situation is even more serious, but the general situation is only a part of the leakage. When a birth checkup, it is really really a production inspection.I didn’t hold it, and I missed it directly. At that time, I was still in front of the doctor, and part of it was caused by nervousness. Xiao Chen was scared to cry when he saw this situation.

The doctor thought that she felt difficult at first, but she was crying later, so she asked in detail why she felt so sad. Xiao Chen said, "I am like this now, and after giving birth to a child, wouldn’t it be after giving birth to a child, wouldn’t it be, wouldn’t it be after giving birth to a child, isn’t it?Will it be incontinence directly? So many women have not leaked urine during pregnancy. I miss urine now. I don’t need to think about it after giving birth. What can I do in the next half of my life? "

I heard Xiao Chen cry so sad. It turned out that because of this, the doctor did not hold back and laughed, and then explained to Xiao Chen, "You, just think too much.It is because the urinary system has a lot to do with the infection of the urinary system during childbirth, and your current leakage is because the uterus has risen and the ligament becomes relaxed.If you are too worried, as long as you pay attention to care after giving birth, there will be no problems. "

After listening to the doctor’s explanation, Xiao Chen slowly relaxed.Later, after the child was born, he also paid great attention to the problem of nursing during the confinement, and there was no leakage of urine, which was completely relaxed.

01 Can’t hold urine during pregnancy, will you "leak urine" after giving birth?

Although there are some explanations in the above cases, they still need to make a more detailed explanation for pregnant mothers and mention some precautions.

First of all, let’s talk about why the problem of leakage during pregnancy is because women may cause pregnancy due to some early pregnancy reactions in the early pregnancy. At this time, they will cause pressure on the bladderMost of them are just mild, and they are normal physiological reactions. Pregnant mothers should not worry too much.

On the other hand, it may be because the pregnant mothers are in the third trimester. Due to the slowly rising uterus, the pressure of the abdominal cavity increases, and then the pressure on the bladder becomes greater, and the pelvic floor muscles also relax.Or when emotions are more excited, it is easy to leak urine.

In response to these situations, pregnant mothers should not worry too much, because these will not affect the symptoms of postpartum leakage.Most postpartum urine leakage is caused by urethral or vagina damage during childbirth, which causes the urine control function. At this time, surgical therapy and combined with repair exercise are usually required.

Another situation is that during the childbirth, the maternal urinary system was severely infected, which caused the urine control function to be greatly affected, and could not hold the urine.In response to this situation, doctors usually treat anti -infection, and they are relatively easy to cure.

02 What are the problems of the mother need to pay attention to when there is a postpartum urine?

Most new mothers’s urine leakage is caused by damage to the vagina or urethra during childbirth. Therefore, the best way is to perform some repair exercises after giving birth. For example, the most famous is the Kiger Movement.The muscles around the pelvis can also activate the pelvic floor muscles, so that the pelvis is restored to normal positions.

Generally speaking, it is best to be carried out within the end of the confinement period to half a year. If this best repair stage is missed, it is difficult to get rid of these embarrassing issues in the future.

Of course, during the pregnancy of pregnant mothers, in fact, paying attention to some problems can also reach the maximum possibility of postpartum leakage, such as during pregnancy, especially in the middle of pregnancyThe problem of relaxation of the urethra after rendering is also helpful for childbirth.For example, it is necessary to control the weight increase during pregnancy, which can also reduce the pressure brought by the uterine increase to the bladder, thereby reducing the possibility of postpartum urine leakage.

In the past, many older generations of women had left the sequelae of leakage of urine because they did not understand these knowledge, and even accompanied them with life.Therefore, at the moment, new mothers should pay attention to these avoided issues. It is best to pay attention from pregnancy and do not start regretting after becoming a "illness".

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