Cao Yangtze River played several key points of sow’s maximum production potential, do you know?

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Everyone knows that the breeding of sows is related to the core work of the entire pig group. The focus of this stage is to avoid the number of sows’ empty arms and increase the tires of sows to maximize the benefits to the starting point.The benign cycle production lays a solid material foundation.

Because sow’s love period is regular, it is particularly important to regularly observe sows’ return emotions. Picking out the return sow in time and adding the next round of breeding groups.

After 23 days of pregnancy, we can use B -ultrasound to determine that the pregnancy should be as much as possible.At this time, the nutrition is very low, and it can be used to maintain the embryo bed!

When feeding until 43 days, consider adding the feeding as appropriate. Until two months, feed 4.5-5.5 catties daily, and the embryo has more nutrition with the need to increase the nutrition of the age.

By 84 days, you can add 6 pounds to 6 catties, and then feed it for 100 days. You can add to 7.5 catties to 7.5 catties, because the weight of the fetus at this stage is very fast. Besides In order to change to mammary feather materials, you can meet the nutritional needs of the fetus. It can be said that the weight of the fetus is three -quarters of the weight at this time at 84 to 114 days of pregnancy. At this time, the sows should be avoided. She should strive to be quiet and try not to make a loud noise. When taking medicine and vaccine, pay more attention to drugs and vaccines that affect the pregnancy sows.

After completing each other every day, carefully fill in the breeding record form and sow files, and organically combine the production plan and the breeding work in a timely manner, and take the details of artificial insemination to ensure that the best time for sows can be matched before the breeding.The tire rate during the preservation period is maintained at more than 85%-90%.

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