Case: What should I do if pregnant women have appendicitis?Bao Da or Bao Xiao?The doctor said it is not necessary

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Patient female, 24 years old. When she is four or five months pregnant, I occasionally pain in the right lower abdomen, but because it is the first child, the experience is not enough, and the pain is not very severe.Without a systematic inspection, no abnormalities were found in normal check -up.Over time, the pain became more and more severe in July and August. I went to the hospital to check the appendicitis. In the end, I couldn’t stand it.This surgery was done when the child was eight months old. It was not a simple appendicitis surgery, but a surgical incision that cut off appeticitis and took out the child.Fortunately, the mother and son were safe, but this operation, from the operation room, to the mother of the mother, the family members waited for 4 hours outside.Extremely anxious and embarrassed.

You must know that the two operations of appendicitis and caesarean section are generally performed for about 40-120 minutes. Most of the time is used to stop bleeding and suture operations most of the time. The shortest cesarean section surgery may last only 20 minutes.The surgery of appendicitis depends on the condition of the diagnosis, mainly in the process of looking for the appendix. If there is difficulty, the time will be extended, and the surgery time may be about two hours.EssenceThe two surgery of the patient takes the longest range.

Caesarean surgery

The anxiety of time is not only a test of the family’s spiritual test, but also a huge challenge for patients, because there is only one surgical incision. At the location of a cesarean section, the doctor needs to explore the position of the appendix to the right lower abdomen through this incision. ThisThe feeling of being stiffly dragged, even if it has the auxiliary effect of hemp medicine, the pain of heartbreaking lungs is also unforgettable for patients. The mouth that should have been opened in the right lower abdomen was opened in the middle, and it just dragged the past!Just think about it and feel the pain is unbearable!She should only experience dual pain when she should only experience the pain!

Normal appendicitis surgery incision

When pregnancy encounters appendicitis, many mothers will panic, worrying that taking drugs will affect the development of the fetus, and worry that the surgery will be forced to terminate pregnancy, but it is not.

It is necessary to look at the situation:

Surgical treatment for 3 months and 3 months after pregnancy, which will cause fetal abortion or premature birth.

If it is an acute simple edema -type appendicitis, conservative therapy can be used, fasting, bed rest, varicose fluid, maintaining hydrolysis balance, and intravenous antibiotics and antibiotics.Surgical treatment can be performed between the 4th and 6th months of pregnancy when necessary to reduce the impact on the fetus as much as possible.During this period, a appendicitis surgery is simply appendicitis surgery, without having to take out the fetus.

However, if the appendix perforation, peritoneal stimulation signs (tenderness, reflection pain in the abdomen, and tension of abdominal muscles), infectious shock, etc., need to be treated immediately for surgical treatment to ensure the safety of the mother.The patient we are talking about today is already endangering the safety of the mother. Although the month is already large, it is also a choice of surgery, which has led to premature fetal birth.Fortunately, the mother and son are safe, and the baby has no congenital defects.Pregnancy is good news for a family, but for expectant mothers, in addition to joy, there are many unknown challenges, including pregnancy, edema, frequent urination, and restricted breathing.Due to certain diseases.Natural nature for them to choose to protect their babies, but what I want to say is that only when mothers are fine can they have better life. Moms do not taboo and doctors.May the expectant mothers in the world be pregnant all the way!

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