Cat Palace Mansion • Different types of secretions of female cats before and after delivery, what does it mean?

What do the different types of secretions of the female cat vulva before and after childbirth mean?

During the period from cat pregnancy to childbirth, it may be the most tense 9 weeks of the year of breeding.Careful breeding people will pay close attention to all changes in the process of female cats, everything is for her to give birth to a healthy baby smoothly.

In most cases, the female cat will spend peace in this process and give birth smoothly, but occasionally pregnant female cats will also have some vaginal secretions.

Generally, the secretion occurs between the seventh week and ninth week, and sometimes it may be earlier.

During this period, the vaginal secretions usually mean that some problems have occurred in female cats.However, it is not to say that this nest kitten cannot be guaranteed.

What is normal?

6 to 12 hours before childbirth, female cats generally do not have secretions.When this time node, you may find that the vulva is a bit humid, which is normal.

But at any time before this period of time, if there are secretions, it is considered an abnormal.

Signs of secretions

In fact, I want to find that the secretion of the cat’s vulva is not easy. Because the cat particularly likes to sort out herself, it is likely that after there is a secretion, she licks cleanly.

Some signs of suspected vaginal discharge:

The female cat licks her vulva excessively.

A small amount of secretion residues can be seen on the floor.

Character changes: If the female cat looks uncomfortable and sleepy, you need to check whether there is stains that are not wet with diaphragm: if the urine is not wet in the delivery box, the secretion will generally be obvious.

Causes of secretions

If the secretion is generated, there may be the following reasons:


There is a kitten in the uterus dead

Mummy fetus

Fetal absorption

The kitten that is about to have a miscarriage

Premature birth

Evaluate secretion

The severity of different secretions must also be considered:

The color and smell of the secretion


Any accompanimental symptoms (detailed)

When evaluating the severity of the secretion, you can find other symptoms to assist judgment;

Have you ever been?

She looks listless or drowsy?

Does she often go to the toilet?


Or it looks stressful?

Is her gums pale?

Does she eat? Drink water?

Clear secretion

You may not be able to notice this secretion.The only sign you will notice is that the female cat licks the vulva excessively.Clear secretions are usually not serious.

Opaque secretion

The color of opaque secretions can be from light yellow to pink to green to brown.Generally speaking, pale secretions are fine.The darker the color, the more serious the problem.Especially if the smell is large and the amount is large, it is likely to be uterine infection.

Blood sample secretion

Blood -like secretions during pregnancy are a very serious problem.Generally, this situation is either a prelude to the mate of the kitten or the signs of self -absorption.

If the kitten is dead or absorbed by himself, then the opportunity to give birth to other kittens to give birth to other kittens is still very big.

Normal fetal movements should not cause uterine bleeding.The fetus has liquid protection and buffer in the amniotic sac, so it is impossible to damage or cause endometrial bleeding in normal uterus.


Once the secretions are observed, the acceptable antibiotics should be used until the specific reasons can be determined.

If the female cat is not spiritual, it is immediately sent to the Veterinary Department for examination and blood test.

If the female cat has a miscarriage before childbirth, the specimen of vulvar secretions, fetal or fetal tissue or death cats should be sent to the veterinary diagnostic laboratory for examination.It is important to determine the cause of abortion, which can increase the success rate of the next breeding.

Usually, the specific reason can be determined until the end of the delivery.Generally, dead tires, partially absorbed kittens, or mummyized kittens will give birth to normal living kittens.In this case, the cause of the secretion is caused by dead tires.

If the female cat’s secretion is blood, it should be performed to determine whether there is a living kitten.

Disasure after childbirth

The secretions after childbirth are generally normal.Generally, the secretion is pink or dark red, which lasts or longer.

If green or yellow -green secretions occur after childbirth, there is a problem.It is likely to stay in the placenta, causing serious infections.If the infection occurs, the female cat is likely to have no milk, which will cause death in severe cases.

If an abnormal secretion occurs during pregnancy, it needs to be treated with antibiotics as soon as possible to prevent further severe infection.


How to say, many veterinarians have no experience in dealing with complications of pregnancy.One of the most funny cases I heard before is that parents bring cats for pre -pregnancy examination. After the doctor found that the odor secreted, the parents even suggested that parents sterilize the female cat immediately because he judged that the kitten was dead.Without an ultrasound, no such judgment is given.During pregnancy, if there are secretions, the probability of successful delivery of female cats is still very high.

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