Cecilia Cheung ’s vegetable market was encountered when buying vegetables. The lower abdomen was slightly pregnant.

Cecilia Cheung’s participation in "Sister 2 of the Wind" is undoubtedly surprising.Although the singing and dancing are very average, even most of the time they can’t keep up, but the "memories killing" that she frequently released in her shape and makeup will always make her beauty.

Even Na Ying’s attitude towards Cecilia Cheung had a great change of 180 degrees.From the beginning, I was unwilling to have a group with Cecilia Cheung, and then I took the initiative to choose Cecilia Cheung. The storyline was ups and downs to make it unexpected.

The funny thing is that Cecilia Cheung’s voice conditions are not good, but as a singer, Na Ying, in order to encourage Cecilia Cheung to bravely sing, also specifically explained: Cecilia Cheung’s little dumb voice, most people can’t learn.

With Na Ying’s blessing, Cecilia Cheung naturally increased naturally.On the stage, she was bright and shiny. She did not expect to go to the stage. She even had no time to go to the vegetable market to buy food.Many people can’t help but sigh, Cecilia Cheung is beautiful, and it’s too grounded!

Yesterday, some netizens uploaded a video of a video of Cecilia Cheung’s food in the market and caused heated discussions.In the video, Cecilia Cheung wore a pale purple T -shirt with a pale purple sweater, which looked very homeless.

Her hair was not scattered at will, but she picked a few rays of combing, exquisite and vitality.Most female celebrities always look like they are not stained with spring water, but Cecilia Cheung puts on the woven bag into the vegetable market.And even more terrible, even such a huge mask can’t cover her beauty.

It is not difficult to see from this video that Cecilia Cheung ’s old love before the show told that she would live at home.When she bought food, she was seriously selected. It is said that when buying toon, she also asked the merchant to cut off the old roots.

Unexpectedly, Cecilia Cheung in life was so smart and virtuous, even if she was a mixed place like a vegetable market, she could visit the water.

However, I do n’t know if Cecilia Cheung ’s dress was a little fat or her image on the stage was too slim. Although she did n’t look fat, her slightly raised belly was still very obvious.

Her body was leaning forward and wanted to pay, but the strap of the bag made her bulging belly more obvious.So that some netizens can’t help but guess: Cecilia Cheung is pregnant again?

A small episode also occurred during the process of buying food.Cecilia Cheung walked towards a vegetable stall with a large bag of small bags. The money in her pocket suddenly fell to the ground. Two hundred -dollar bills, but she didn’t notice it at all.

Later, passers -by reminded: "Cecilia Cheung, your money has fallen," Cecilia Cheung found that the money fell to the ground.Then she turned and picked up the money, pinched it tightly, for fear of falling again.

After Cecilia Cheung was reminded by passers -by, her expression was quite cute.I was a little ashamed, and I was a little panic when I was ashamed.Too fans!

It is said that "Sister who breaks the wind" will make people take off a layer of skin, but Cecilia Cheung seems to have not yet stepped out of her comfort zone.I remember when Cecilia Cheung came to the show, she said that her requirements for herself were just beautiful on the stage.

It is undeniable that Cecilia Cheung, who has been on the stage, has been holding the essence in "Sister Lang 2" to death.Whether going to other variety shows or being encountered by netizens on weekdays, she is so beautiful that she is comparable to that year.It is no wonder that her business ability is not good, but there are still so many small waves who are willing to fan her.

However, Cecilia Cheung also has a look of turning over.Not long ago, a group of Cecilia Cheung’s shooting highlights were exposed on the Internet.Cecilia Cheung in the photo looks like Egyptian queen.She is wearing a golden skirt with a strong eye makeup.

However, some netizens pointed out that such gorgeous and glamorous makeups are not suitable for Cecilia Cheung.Because in most viewers, Cecilia Cheung is pure.She does not need too much makeup modification and it will be beautiful.

Now the appearance of the Egyptian queen is a bit of a snake.The temperament of Cecilia Cheung’s whole person was subverted.

Cecilia Cheung has always been the Queen of the topic, and the story and rumors about her are endless.But she always enjoys life.No matter what, I hope she can transform and grow in "Sister 2 of the Wind", getting farther and farther!

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