Cecilia Cheung was rumored to be in the fourth child, and she was onlookers on the streets. The deity responded to rumors

Hong Kong Star Cecilia Cheung has been participating in "Sister 2 of the Wind" in the Mainland during this time. Throughout the more than 30 sisters this season, Cecilia Cheung’s face value is indeed online. It is not easy to maintain such a face at the age of 40.It’s just that every performance is always avoided, because Cecilia Cheung is often accused of dragging her hind legs in dancing. Some people think she is not attentive enough, and some people think she is funny.

Anyway, there is a place where Cecilia Cheung will always make some topics.No, there are rumors of Cecilia Cheung on the stage, there are rumors that Cecilia Cheung is pregnant with the fourth child over there, just because Cecilia Cheung wore loose clothing, and was on the street with "pregnant belly", and was photographed by many netizens.The goddess was pregnant again.

From the photos, Cecilia Cheung is indeed full of pregnancy, and her wear on the stage is also slightly bloated. Cecilia Cheung has always been very severe in control over her figure. Why is it so presumptuous this time?Or is there any unspeakable hidden?

The mystery of the biological father of the third child has not yet been revealed. Now Cecilia Cheung has been rumored to be pregnant with her fourth child. It is no wonder that the news of the explosive news will make her repeatedly on the hot search list.

However, in the face of the increasing question of the outside world, Cecilia Cheung couldn’t help standing and clarifying.She said that she became a big belly because she had pants in the pants and the trousers were so big to cause convex effect.

It turned out that the truth turned out to be a pair of pants that caused four rumors. I have to say that Cecilia Cheung’s attention is too high.It stands to reason that the actresses go out and show their most perfect figure as much as possible to everyone. Why do Cecilia Cheung wear so casually?And I also played such a big joke with everyone, making the fans the surprise empty.

Cecilia Cheung has always had high requirements for childbirth. She once stated in the show that her goal was at least four to five children.Now that the three sons have arrived, one or two little princesses are worse.

However, for this pregnancy storm, it has also caused many netizens to vomit. Some people said: "This is a small plan for the headline again!" Some people said directly: "Really awesome, the previous child and his father are still still.Didn’t you figure it out, give birth again? "

In fact, Cecilia Cheung was not only vomited and trapped by netizens, but even the senior Hong Kong media entertainment Zhu Pi also boasted Haikou, saying that Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung would remarry in September.This entertainment is even more amazing, pointing out that the little prince’s biological father is Nicholas Tse.

It seems that Nicholas Tse, Faye Wong, and Cecilia Cheung, it is estimated that it is difficult to clarify the relationship in this life.As long as one party is mentioned, the other two will "lie down" innocently.As for what Zhu Pi said, Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung remarried, it was not reliable at first glance.Xiaoying always believes that Faye Wong is Nicholas Tse’s true love. Only she can really enter the spiritual world of Nicholas Tse.

Because Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse are extremely similar, they do not look at the unexpected world, and they will not look at other people’s faces, as long as they are comfortable in their hearts.Therefore, Feng Fei Lian can be regarded as a "miracle" in the entertainment industry!

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