Cervical relaxation leads to two late abortion and secondary infertility.

Ms. Chen is from Qinhuangdao, Hebei. She has irregular menstruation and she is pregnant for 2 years after marriage.When the whole family was immersed in joy, it was suddenly broken and miscarriage for 5 months of pregnancy;

One year later, Ms. Chen was pregnant again, and she was careful not to move during pregnancy.However, at 5 and a half months of pregnancy, there was no sign before abortion.

In the next three years, Ms. Chen has been infertility for a long time.Therefore, she consulted online and accidentally learned that Beijing Antai Hospital had treated recurrent abortion. After some consultation, Ms. Chen couple came to the doctor.

President Yang was checked for it, and the palace expansion was expanded by the palace experiment No. 8.5. The ultrasound reminded the bilateral polycystic ovary and reminded the uterine fibroids.Dean Yang explained to Ms. Chen the principle of incomplete cervical function and corresponding treatment measures.Ms. Chen’s husband and wife understood the signing treatment system of An Tai Hospital, signed a "late abortion package treatment" contract in the outpatient clinic, and went through the hospitalization procedures.

After admission, inpatients evaluated it for it.Ms. Chen’s various examinations, such as routine hematuria, biochemistry, infection, electro -electrocardiographic, lower limb vein thrombosis and other items.

According to Ms. Chen’s medical history and auxiliary examination, the diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome (obesity) was diagnosed in the hospital.Considering the cause of miscarriage is caused by incomparable cervical function, the cause of infertility is related to ovarian factors, because of the urgent fertility requirements, no surgical taboos, giving a joint detection of laparoscopy+high cervical ring tie operation (cervical buried hoop, also known as An Tai Ring RinghuanTo.


During the operation, Ms. Chen’s ovarian surface was porcelain white with scarce ovulation spots; the endometrium was thick, and the bilateral palace corners saw a adhesive tissue to cover the tubal opening; Dean Yang and the surgeon were Ms. Chen’s bilateral ovarian ovarian ovarian ovarianTest frustration, eliminate small fibroids, decompose adhesions, and complete cervical buried hoop.Ms. Chen’s surgery was smooth, less bleeding, and returned to the ward safely.Five days after hospitalization, they were discharged smoothly.Outside the hospital, Dean Yang guided the precautions of the hospital for Ms. Chen to guide pregnancy.Ms. Chen was pregnant smoothly, had a peaceful pregnancy, and successfully gave birth.

Return information

After Ms. Chen was admitted to the hospital, the diagnosis was clear, which caused the disease of late recurrence of late abortion due to incomplete cervical function.In addition, the cause of infertility was mainly caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome and adhesion at the eloquence of the palace.In response to the cause, Dean Yang conducted targeted treatment for Ms. Chen.After surgery, he was pregnant and gave birth. He just welcomed the third child not long ago.

Three babies

Ms. Chen in this article has two late abortion, diagnosed with incomplete cervical function (cervical relaxation).Cervical relaxation is the incomplete cervical function caused by cervical dysfunction or cervical laceration. It is the main reason for repeated natural miscarriage and repeated premature birth in advanced stage.

What is more common in cervix is the development of the first heavenly uterine gorge and one of the complications of uterine deformity; a small part is the sequelae of the acquired cervical tear.

How to treat it?If the late abortion is caused by incomplete cervical function and is in a state of pregnancy, then this situation must be prevented.Generally, measures are taken before pregnancy. At this stage, it is called the prevention phase, mainly due to the high cervical ring tie operation before pregnancy (also known as the cervical buried hoop). The "biological hoop" is placed on the inner mouth of the cervix to prevent the cervix from expanding.

Compared with the traditional cervical ring tie operation, the cervical tear caused by the launch of the contraction during the outer mouth is avoided, and the cervical expansion cannot be prevented, which can induce the consequences of the contraction and abortion.In addition, most of the patients can easily cause cervical infections after sewing, resulting in premature abortion of fetal membranes.

For the treatment of advanced abortion caused by cervical relaxation, the traditional method is "cervical rings of pregnancy", which is to tie the palace line around the palace in about 20 weeks of pregnancy, but there is a defect: the sewing is only the outer mouth, once the palace is the palace, once the palace is the palace.Reducing mobility cannot effectively prevent the cervix from expanding, and it is easy to induce contraction and abortion. After the sewing is tied, it can easily cause cervical infections, resulting in premature abortion of the fetal membrane, and the success rate is less than 20%.

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