Children don’t want to get married, what should parents do?

For the current society, the pressure of various reasons leads most young people who do not want to get married, but parents also want to find some grandson, so both sides are under great pressure.

The current young people would rather make money first, and they are unwilling to get married early, becoming a trend of young people.

My cousin, my aunt’s daughter, she went to work before she graduated from college. She was more diligent and frugal. She knew that her parents at home made money and worked hard for her to study and dropped out of school.

For my aunt, my uncle, from a young age to study to university, how hard this is in the middle, and the cousin still chose to work in the end. This is simply not worth it.

Sister cousin has always liked to study since childhood. In school, he has been a middle -class student. In junior high school, the same village basically dropped out of school.

Only she persisted, admitted to high school with excellent grades, and finally admitted to two universities.

However, there may be various reasons later. I chose to drop out of school and not to study.

Maybe the age is getting older now. I saw that the same age and her were about to get married early. The girls who were not married at such a big age were also anxious at home.

I talked to my cousin before talking about her inner thoughts. She felt that she was getting early and she felt that she wanted to earn money first, support herself, and repay her parents.

Parents have raised us for so many years, and we should give them good care.

There are some reasons that they can’t find the right person.

It is very easy for girls to find objects now, and men are particularly difficult, but they are particularly difficult to find a good person.

She also wants to make money to buy a house, so she has been working hard.

This is why she doesn’t want to get married yet. If it is satisfied slowly, these things are not difficult.

For the above case, parents should persuade her children, guide her, and ask her inner thoughts.

Or through some introductions, Introduce her to some blind date activities to see if she likes it, if the natural water is natural.

Another is that letting children know that marriage is not stress, but a motivation.

Let her know that after getting married, someone can take good care of her.

Someone accompanied her when she was happy. When she was sad, someone accompanied her. When she was in difficulties, someone silently affected her alone.

Instead of letting her bear it alone, bear with her, and sharing with her, this is what parents want to see.

From time to time to communicate with her, open her heart, so that she can better understand that she does not need to bear so much, and to face these things bravely.

For these things, parents should not force their children and respect their children’s choices.

Children are old, adult, and have their own thoughts and ideas. If they force him, they may do extreme things and persuade reasonably.

Don’t keep giving her a blind date. She was annoyed by this. The constant blind date caused her to stress.

There is also a pressure to give her a child as soon as she goes home. She reads whether there are targets every day, and find the topics of the blind date.

In this way, the harmony of the entire family is not good. Therefore, it is necessary to treat this matter rationally. Parents hope that their children are right, but they need to think more about their children’s ideas.

For this incident, as a child, you must face marriage bravely. There is no difficulty in the matter. Seeing that you dare to dare, the pressure can also turn into power.

Parents must also learn to respect their children’s ideas, communicate with them, and persuade them. Don’t be intimidated to build a harmonious family.

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