Chinese female studying abroad is deceived by foreign men.

The following screenshot records a strange thing: a 22 -year -old Chinese study girl, who was deceived by local men in Australia.

After the girl studying abroad gave birth to the child, the Australian man ran directly and did not admit the child at all.

As a last resort, the girl studying abroad asked my compatriots on the Chinese social platform: What should I do?

What is even more amazing is that a group of Meiwai Chinese claimed that: It is a good thing that you have picked up a mixed -race baby, and you don’t lose. This is a good thing.

"Children will have foreign nationality in the future. You are also the mother of foreigners. What a good thing."

Chinese netizens commented on this: Has the values of some foreign Chinese people now have fallen to such a point?

First, 22 -year -old Chinese girls studying in China for help: I was deceived by foreign men and gave birth to a child, but the other party refused to admit it and ran directly.

This matter was first exposed on a domestic social media website.

The 22 -year -old Chinese study girl met a local man in Australia.

Although the other party is much older than himself, the man is enthusiastic about helping girls to deal with studying abroad affairs, making the girl feel that the other party is very handsome. It is the type of foreign boyfriend who is dreaming.

Since I always wanted to find a foreign boyfriend to settle in Australia, they soon lived together.

Later, the girls studying abroad found that she was pregnant, and she thought that the child could marry the other party.

As a result, the other party refused: before we got married, it was not suitable now.

In order to force the other party to agree to get married, the girl studying abroad decided to give birth to the child.

As a result, on the day of the child’s birth, the Australian man directly moved away all personal items and ran directly -he did not admit that the child was his own.

The girl studying abroad was completely dumbfounded: how could she raise her children alone without any financial source.

She also said: This is the second time to get pregnant. Previously, she was asked to be killed by the other party, but she did not expect to be pregnant again.

"I still want to calm him for a while, and finally I can admit that this child is him."

Second, Meiwai Chinese people touted unanimously: they did not lose at all. They picked up a mixed -race baby who had improved genes and became a foreigner’s mother.

According to common sense, this kind of thing must be condemned the shameless behavior of the Australian man, and reminds many Chinese girls who are studying overseas overseas to protect themselves and do not trust foreign men.

But what never expected was that in the comment area, a group of strange messages from foreign Chinese appeared.

From the perspective of these Meiwai Chinese: It is a good thing to be able to conceive foreigners with children who can conceive foreigners.

A Chinese Canadian directly left a message saying: At least there is a mixed -race baby, and you don’t lose.

Another Hunan netizens even expressed their envy of the girl studying abroad: it is not lost at all, go to husband and stay, how good it is to raise mixed blood by themselves.

"Children bring their own foreign countries. When you are adult, you can still get the right to residence. Is it not fragrant? It is completely beneficial than the disadvantages."

Chinese netizens in Australia also said that failure and success, half and half, leaving themselves a mixed -race child and improving genes. This wave is not suffering.

Shanghai netizens posted: Go to the father and stay, say that this child can take the Australian passport.

3. Chinese netizens commented: These charm people are brainwashed by Western values and like to string

On the Chinese social media website, when the screenshot of the chat girl and the crowds of the Chinese and foreign Chinese were sent up, it caused netizens to watch and heated discussion.

A Zhejiang netizen asked directly: Is there any bonus of mixed -race stuff?

Guangdong netizens commented: Are these people a pet as a child?Still mixed -race varieties, is dare to breed dogs?

Jiangsu netizens: These charm people like to string.

Guangdong netizens: The descendants of Australian criminals are so happy that this group of people are so happy?

Some netizens believe that the views of Chongyang Meimei are now popular and have a lot to do with education.

Another netizens in Inner Mongolia said: Don’t you think it’s a big problem for our education?This level is now Chongyang Meiwai.

A Jiangsu netizen believes that this is the result of long -term western values and aesthetic brainwashing.

Zhejiang netizens directly played eight words: let go of the help of others and respect others!

Another Fujian netizen sent the following famous photos: a Chinese girl who was deceived by the black uncle was deceived by the black uncle at the age of 19. She was willing to follow each other back to Africa to have children.

"There are too many girls with such charming values now."

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