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Today, the increasing level of living standards, the incidence of allergic diseases in China and some developed countries has risen rapidly, becoming the sixth largest disease in the world, and the third largest common disease for children under 18 years of age.

Some surveys have shown that 64.9%of children’s allergic rhinitis in my country are medium-weight.

Xinhua News Agency has published a report entitled "British studies showing that high free sugar intake during pregnancy may increase the risk of allergies for future generations."

What exactly happened?Today, let’s take a look at the relationship between sugar intake and baby allergy during pregnancy ~


What is free sugar?

The WHO Nutrition Guidance Expert Consultation Group (NUGAG) diet and health group define the definition of "free sugar":

Including monosaccharides and bisir -sugar added to food and drinks, as well as sugar that naturally exists in honey, syrup, juice and concentrated fruit juice, excluding lactose or lactose or dairy products in milk or dairy productsThe sugar contained in fruits and vegetables basically covers the sugar that we can contact in our daily life.

These sugar or sugar -containing foods are currently recommended by WHO. They are prohibited to add to infant supplementary food; the "Chinese Resident Dietary Guidelines" recommend that normal people consume no more than 50g of sugar per day, and it is best to control below 25g.


Is the conclusion reliable?

The original text of this report was a research report published by researchers from the University of London, the University of London, Britain, and other institutions.The relationship between the baby’s health is found to be the highest risk of allergies to the former child’s child with the lowest person with the lowest person during pregnancy.But the baby’s sugar -content diet is not related to the occurrence of allergic diseases.

Researchers from Dolkel University and other institutions in Australia published in 2020 in the "Nutrition Reviews".A large number of free sugar is closely related to the chances of common allergic diseases (to the age of 7.7), including allergic rhinitis, eczema, asthma, and food allergies.

These studies believe that high free sugar intake during pregnancy may increase the risk of baby’s allergies.


Will eating too much sugar during pregnancy will be allergic?

Most of the current research data comes from observation research in Europe and the United States and other places, and the direct connection between excessive sugar intake and allergic diseases is currently unknown.

The current research is inferred that the fructose as one of the main ingredients of sugar can cause increased uric acid and affect the human body’s immune response and cause allergic diseases, and more mechanisms related to it are yet to be studied.

Therefore, we can only think that the intake of high -yam Liyou during pregnancy may be related to the occurrence of allergic diseases of the baby.Excessive sugar intake can cause other pregnancy -related diseases.

Therefore, we recommend that pregnant mothers should reduce the intake of free sugar during pregnancy ~

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