Common reactions during pregnancy: What should I do if I have intravenous veins during pregnancy?

In the middle and late pregnancy, many pregnant mothers may face the problem of aggravating "appearance and anxiety". The pregnant mother’s tender and smooth legs show a "small earthworm" strip on the legs.Numbness and sinking.In medicine, we call this phenomenon as a pregnancy varicose veins.In Sister Ma’s outpatient clinic, pregnant mothers often face the question of varicose veins, such as: "Isn’t this the elderly, why do I grow this?"Is it more serious? "

First of all, varicose veins are not a big problem. Timely measures can be relieved to a certain extent after discovering.Secondly, during pregnancy, we must pay attention to not being too anxious. All concerns and doubts come from we do not understand it. Now Sister Ma will take you to understand the cause of intravenous veins during pregnancy and how to relieve it.Why does varicose veins appear?

Varic veins are a vascular disease with a very high incidence and may develop onset at any age group.Statistics show that 10%-20%of adult men in my country, 20%of adult women have varicose veins.During pregnancy, it is a period of high incidence of veins in women.

According to research statistics, about 1/3 of pregnant women will have different degrees of lower limb veins.In addition, the varicose veins of the tension during pregnancy not only appear on the legs, but also the other parts of the body are possible, such as the neck and the perineum.

As a result, the phenomenon of varicose veins during pregnancy, Sister Ma believes that there are the following reasons: hormonal changes: increased lutein secretion in the body during pregnancy, which leads to the expansion of the blood vessel wall.Our closed venous valve was separated, causing the inverse flow of venous blood.Compression blood vessels: As the fetal and uterus are increasing with increased pregnancy, this compresses the pelvic vein and lower cavity veins, causing the blood flow backbone of our lower limbs to be blocked, causing the venous pressureThe more obvious.Sitting for a long time and overweight weight during pregnancy: Many pregnant mothers like to sit for a long time during pregnancy, and sedentary and long stations will cause our lower extremity venous pressure to increase.Although obesity is not the cause of venous tension directly, the pressure of excessive force may cause the leg vein back to the leg of the legs, which makes the venous expansion worsen.Congenital dysplasia: Some pregnant mothers have weak congenital venous walls, and have problems with venous valve development. The closure of the veins that cause strictness and cause blood reverse strokes.In addition, with the increase of our age, the vein will be abnormally expanded.Little activity: We also mentioned earlier that there are many pregnant mothers who do not like to walk around during pregnancy and like to sit for a long time. This has led to a great decrease in activity and slowing blood flow rates.Constipation: During pregnancy, due to changes in body hormones and insufficient dietary fiber intake during diet, it is easy to cause difficulty in defecation.When we are more sturdy, the pressure of abdominal pressure and blood vessels will increase.How to alleviate varicose veins

First of all, we must adhere to exercise to ensure that there is a proper amount of activity every day. It is recommended to choose a gentle exercise, such as walking and yoga.According to the recommendation of the American Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG): exercise at no less than 30 minutes every day, 7 days a week; but if you can’t persist, it will take at least 20 minutes a day, at least 3 to 5 days a week.In addition, the pregnant mothers who usually sit for a long time are recommended to do more to raise their legs.

Secondly, it is recommended to eat more foods rich in dietary fiber, such as vegetables and fruits.Usually you can do more buttocks and practice deep breathing. It is helpful to promote intestinal peristalsis and ensure smooth bowel movements during pregnancy.Generally speaking, healthy pregnant mothers recommend that the weight growth is controlled at about 12kg throughout the pregnancy, and the weight gain during pregnancy is too much. There are many harms to pregnant mothers, so it is recommended to eat scientific diet.

Finally, correct and develop the correct sleeping position.It is recommended to sleep on the left side as possible to reduce the compression of the lower cavity vein, thereby reducing the venous pressure of our legs and feet.Pregnant mothers can also take a soft poop when they sleep to help blood circulation.

In fact, many pregnant mothers are most concerned about whether they will affect the fetus or mother on the issue of varicose veins.We can rest assured that according to the study, the varicose veins during pregnancy will not cause obstacles to the systemic circulation system of pregnant women and fetuses, so don’t worry too much. The mood of pregnancy is also important.

Although there is generally no effect, if there are pregnant mothers who feel that the lower limbs are tender, fever, red and swollen, or at the same time, there are fever, accelerated heartbeat, and difficulty in breathing.Intravenous embolism, these situations need to be treated in time, do not delay treatment.

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