Conceal pregnancy!Mainland women were sentenced to 14 months in prison

A mainland woman was sentenced to 14 months in Hong Kong because she concealed her pregnancy.This case has aroused the attention and discussion of society. Some people think that this is an unfair treatment of women in the Mainland, and some people think that this is respect and maintenance of Hong Kong law.This article will analyze the background, cause and influence of this case from the perspective of legal, social and human rights.

Legal perspective: According to Hong Kong laws, anyone who makes a false appeal to the Entry -Affairs Office is illegal.When the defendant went through the procedures, he knew that he was pregnant, but concealed it intentionally. The purpose was to produce a child in Hong Kong and enjoy the medical and educational resources of Hong Kong.This behavior not only violates Hong Kong’s entry regulations, but also harms the public interests of Hong Kong.Therefore, the defendant was sentenced to 14 months in prison, not excessive or unreasonable punishment, but the result of trial in accordance with the law.

Social perspective: This case reflects the phenomenon of women in the Mainland women going to Hong Kong. Although the Hong Kong government has taken a series of measures to limit the number and conditions of non -Hong Kong residents in Hong Kong.Mainland women’s motives to go to Hong Kong to produce children are mainly due to their future considerations. I hope that children can have Hong Kong residence rights, be better educated and enjoyed more benefits.Some mainland women let their children have the right to residence in Hong Kong, and even take the risk of life and buy fake documents or fake drugs on the black market to evade entry.However, this behavior has also brought some negative impacts to Hong Kong, such as increasing the pressure of medical systems, occupying public resources, affecting social order and stability.Therefore, the Hong Kong government and society should strengthen the supervision and education of women in the Mainland in Hong Kong to prevent similar cases from occurring.

Human rights perspective: This case also involves human rights issues of women in the Mainland and her children.On the one hand, as a free individual in the Mainland, the mainland women have the right to choose the place and method of their own fertility, and the right to pursue the happiness of themselves and their children.She concealed her pregnancy. Although it violated Hong Kong law, she did not harm others or harmed social security.She was sentenced to 14 months in prison and may adversely affect her physical and mental health, family relationship and employment prospects.On the other hand, her child, as an innocent life, has the right to get the care of her parents, the protection and respect of society.Whether he (she) was born in Hong Kong can obtain issues such as Hong Kong’s residency, nationality, and identity certificate, it also needs to be solved reasonably and humanely.

This case involves problems in many aspects such as law, society and human rights. The Hong Kong government should strengthen communication and coordination with the Mainland government, formulate a reasonable and fair entry policy, and prevent mainland women from being deceived or utilized.At the same time, the education and services of mainland children born in Hong Kong should also be strengthened to help them integrate into society and develop their own potential.It is necessary to analyze and handle it from multiple angles.Hong Kong should prevent similar incidents from improving laws and regulations, strengthening supervision and education, and improving social welfare and guarantee.At the same time, it is necessary to respect the choice and rights of individuals, and deal with related issues reasonably and humanely to maintain social fairness and stability.

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