Copy high -temperature weather disease control agency prompts to deal with heat stroke correctly

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 22 (Reporter Gu Tiancheng) Recently, the temperature in many places in my country exceeded 40 ° C, and the Central Meteorological Observatory continuously issued high -temperature warning.The State CDC recently released the "Guidelines for the Health Protection of High -temperature heat waves" to guide the public to carry out scientific protection to prevent and reduce the health hazards of high -temperature heat waves to the crowd.Experts from medical control and medical institutions remind that the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is ushered in. To respond to high temperature weather, it is necessary to take good heat stroke prevention measures. Activity of threatened heat stroke and light heat stroke must be intervened in time and properly dealt with to avoid continuous expansion of symptoms.

According to the "high temperature weather, beware of heat stroke" issued by the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, high temperature, high humidity, and hot radiation weather can cause the body temperature regulation, water and salt metabolism, and circulating system to change physiological functions.Causes physiological dysfunction, which may cause abnormal body temperature to rise, which leads to heat stroke, and may cause chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases to deteriorate.The "Guidelines for the Health Protection of High -temperature heat waves" pointed out that sensitive people such as children, pregnant women, and elderly people, patients with chronic basic diseases and outdoor operators are key groups of high -temperature heat wave health protection. It is recommended to strengthen their own health protection.

"Last night, a patient was sent to the emergency department of our hospital for serious consciousness disorder. When the consultation was admitted, the patient was in a coma, and the body temperature was higher than 42 ° C.The functional failure of the device. "Chi Ying, deputy chief physician of the emergency department of the People’s Hospital of Peking University, said that thermal radiation disease usually does not suddenly occur. In many cases, patients with threatened heat stroke such as dizziness and fatigue are not taken in time.Only then did you enter the severe heat stroke stage.

Chi Yan said that once heat stroke occurs, it is necessary to intervene in time and deal with it correctly, transfer the patients to a cool vent of ventilation, unbutton the patient’s clothing buckle, and help the patient reduce the temperature by wiping and cold compresses.At the same time, the patients containing salt containing salt are supplemented, and the body fluid and electrolyte loss caused by heat stroke are supplemented.In short, physical cooling, reducing room temperature, and hydration can help reverse or terminate the process of heat stroke.

A relevant experts of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Center’s Health Emergency Center reminded that once the patients have severe heat stroke symptoms such as conscious obstacles and unsteady convulsions, they should not hesitate and immediately call 120 to the hospital.In high temperature weather, you can prevent heat stroke by drinking a lot of water, reducing outdoor activities, keeping the indoor coolness and light diet.

Source: Xinhuanet

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