cough?Two -flavored medicine for Chinese medicine is done

Surgery does not cure ringworm, and internal medicine does not cure.

Cough is actually quite difficult to cure.

A few days ago, there was a dry cough patient. All examinations were done. I did n’t see any abnormalities. It was cough. The director said that the methods that should be used are used. If the effect is not good, you will be discharged from the hospital.

The patient was discharged from the hospital.

Today, a friend called and cough. It has been three months. There are no problems with various inspections. Chinese medicine and western medicine are used.

It ’s so long, and the good rule has long been cured. I said that I did n’t know it, but I recommend you two -flavored medicine. You can try it.


Emperor Ophiopogon’s four seasons is often used as green plants. Remember that when he was in school, it was Older in the school.



Ophiopogon is the dry root of the grassy plants along the steps of the lily family. It returns to the heart, lungs, and stomach meridians.

What is yin deficiency cough?

In the internal organs, the lung yin deficiency refers to dry cough without sputum, or less sputum, dry mouth, dry throat, red surface redness, hotness, red tongue, less moss, and pulse.

The symptoms of these columns are generalized, which is lung deficiency.

External sensation or internal injury causes less fluid in the lungs, insufficient lung yin, lung qi upside down, and the easiest cough. This kind of dry cough is mostly sputum or less sputum.Run, so it will be dry and dry.

Older Ophiopogon nourishes the source of the lung gold, so that the gold is to produce water, and the water is good enough to make fire, and the fire dare not leap."Reconstruction of the Stone Room"

The merit of Gai Maihuang is in the gesture of the gesture of the stomach, moisturizing the heart and lungs, and the pulse of the pulse, the following against the air, to remove the annoyance heat."This Scriptures"

From the perspective of modern medicine, Ophiopogon has chronic diseases of pulmonary bronchial diseases, such as bronchial expansion, tuberculosis, lung cancer, etc., with yin deficiency internal injuries such as low fever, cough, hemoptysis and other symptoms, and cough all have good effects.




How about it, does it look like a grape?

In fact, many people don’t know that Schisandra can be eaten as fruit, but its taste is weird, otherwise it cannot be called Schisandra, which is sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, and salty.

Schisandra is sour, sweet, warm, and returns to the lungs, heart, and kidney meridians.

Schisandra is blindly converging lung medicine.

The cough time is long, and the cure is not healed. When you move, you cough. This is the dissipation of the lung qi. You need to converge the qi consuming.Qi, Schisandra is just like this to gather lung medicine.

Schisandra’s lung qi is actually a function of breathing excitement.

For patients with respiratory failure, the use of Schisandra can inspire breathing and improve respiratory function. At the same time, Schisandra also has the effect of antitussive and expectorant.

Ophiopogon and Schisandra are often used as medicines. For example, Maiwei Dihuang Pills are Liuwei Dihuang Pills added Ophiopogon and Schisandra to treat cough of lung and kidney yin deficiency.

The two medicines are compatible, one moisturizing and converging, the upper lung qi, nourishing the kidney yin, converging the heart qi, playing the lungs to relieve cough, clear the heart and soothe the nerves!(The above graphics and text are for reference only. The specific dosage needs to be determined according to the severity of the disease. If there is any infringement, please contact it and delete it immediately.)

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