Cough severely during pregnancy, worry about affecting the baby?Can do this

A few days ago, Wuhan turned into haze, and the thick white haze covered the sky, which made people feel uncomfortable and felt really beautiful.Xiaoxiao, a person who claimed to be a cold, also recruited, and the cough hurts the lungs and the trachea.After going home from the company, there was only ten minutes of way, but I didn’t take a few breaths.However, the world was rainy for two days, and the air conditioner was closed in the office, and the air air was not clean.Just half a day, I coughing the sputum at night, coughing hard, and only sputum than the nose, without other water.Her husband helped me throw paper, and also boasted that he had a strong resistance.At that time, I thought, if it hadn’t been pregnant, my body would not be so bad.On the next day, cough worsened, got up and cough, coughing out, and coughing with a nap.I scared me.

I really want to take a fast -effective medicine, and I have thought about whether to go to the hospital.But I suspected that I had been to the hospital and was infected. I did diabetes screening two days ago. I ran the hospital for two days.I also went to the pharmacy. Most of the medicines wrote that pregnant women were used with caution and did not dare to buy it. I only bought a bottle of 100g of Sydney cream.It is surprisingly expensive, it takes thirty yuan.

I came back to drink Sydney cream, and it didn’t improve.I read the above description above what sour pear brown sugar was added, and I drank a touch of sweetness. I didn’t taste it. I added a small bottle at a time.It feels better to make rock sugar Sydney by yourself.

What should I do if I checked the pregnancy cough again on the Internet?The recommended insurance method is Sichuan Best sugar stewed Sydney, steaming oranges, eating garlic, steaming garlic water, and radish and the like.It happened that there were pears, oranges, and half garlic in the house.Try the garlic first.Dipped a garlic rice, contained in the mouth, bite away, and swallowed garlic water.It contains ten minutes.It feels like the throat is really hot.But the sourness of the garlic flavor, if I didn’t bring it when I went out in the afternoon, I didn’t insist.

The cold has passed three or four days now.In the past few days, I used Chuanbei rock sugar to stew Sydney, eat salt steamed oranges at night, and then drink water. Although I was cough, it was obviously much better.I don’t know if the weather is getting better.

Let me share my practice of stewing Sydney and steamed oranges.

Noon Rock Sugar Sydney.Wash Sydney

The bottom of Sydney is cut a little well.Cut a half of the top.

Use a fruit knife to remove the pear core and plug in three or four graphic sugar.

Put the pears in the rice cooker and cover the top part.Add a bowl of water.

Put seven or eight Chuanbei.I bought it for a medical insurance and pharmacy, and it took about ten yuan.

Cover the rice cooker and cook it for about 15 to 25 minutes. Cook until the middle rock sugar is almost melted.Eat while it is hot.

Come to a salt steamed orange at night.Wash orange

Cut a little at the bottom, cut the top half, and put it in a small bowl.

Sprinkle salt on the top of the large orange, poke a few holes with chopsticks, and let the salt seep in.Cover the other half.

The rice cooker is steaming for about 20 minutes, and the orange skin becomes softer.Blow meat and drink water in the bowl.delicious

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