Crying when you are pregnant?These impacts on the fetus

For a long time, scientific research has always told pregnant women that eating and drinking will affect the growth and development of the fetus, but how does the mood of pregnant women affect the fetus?

According to a study by the American Psychology Society, the mood of pregnant women will affect the fetus for 6 months.But this is not comprehensive.When you are pregnant, your emotional health may also lay the foundation for the fetal attitude of the fetus in the future.

So, how does your tears affect your baby?This depends entirely on what kind of mother you are.

Of course, pregnancy is not to do SPA. Each mother has occasional pressure, but as long as such pressure is properly resolved, it will not have any impact on the newborn.However, if you are pregnant, you are in a state of long -term stress or chronic anxiety, then your baby may have intestinal colic and anxiety.When you suffer from depression, your body will produce a stress hormonal. Although you think your emotions cannot enter the placenta, these annoying stress hormones are okay.If this hormone is often exposed to the baby’s development system, he or she is accustomed to suffering stress for a long time.

According to a study from a health institution, depression during pregnancy is a common phenomenon of postpartum depression.This cannot be ignored.Based on these studies, it is surprising that 10%of expectant mothers have to varying degrees of depression.Clinically, the babies born of depressed mothers have 1.5 times higher likely to suffer from depression after the age of eighteen years old.

In addition, research also shows that the inconsistency of mood during pregnancy and postpartum will also affect the fetal development in the uterus.Emotional inconsistency broke the balance of hormones.In other words, if the mother is in normal mood during pregnancy, but after depression, or depression during pregnancy, and normal postpartum, then it will damage the baby’s development.However, if the mothers are healthy during pregnancy and post -pregnancy, the baby’s development is normal; if the mother is a bit depressed after pregnancy, the baby’s development is normal.

If you hate pregnancy and the existence of small creatures in the uterus, then this is worse.According to research, those children who have not been caring and attached in their mother’s fetuses are likely to have emotional problems when they grow up.

Nine months of pregnancy, occasionally unlucky days are normal, and everyone may encounter.Don’t let the occasional unintentional stress you, these accidental things will not have any impact on the baby in the belly.

If you occasionally a little melancholy, a little emotion, don’t be afraid, it will pass soon.What you need is to maintain happiness and good attitude.If you find that you have a tendency to have a long -term depression, you can find a professional doctor to help.Don’t worry, relax!

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