Daughter -in -law gave birth to a child and a husband to send stainless steel plaque?Bring more children and more and more, and the maternal is better than anything

After giving birth to a child, it is very common for maternal flowers to receive flowers from her husband, but have you seen stainless steel plaque?

A few days ago, after a mother in Shandong gave birth to a child, she received a stainless steel plaque that her husband customized for her, which reads: He is happy and rich overnight.Zhang Yingxiao, a child is awesome.

It is very happy to receive a gift after giving birth, but when you receive such a gift, the expression on the mother’s face has explained everything.


The wife gave birth to a child, why did the husband send such a plaque?

The husband explained that he was customized in advance for this plaque. He felt that this thing could always be kept, which was very memorable, and he was not enough to buy other pocket money.

More importantly, he also gave his wife a plaque symbolizing solid love before.

After reading this explanation, Mommy didn’t know what to say for a while, just like a netizen commented: "The daughter -in -law wants to say, whether it is my blessing or my evil."

You want to say that he is perfunctory. He really does not have it. It can be seen from the thoughts of early preparation to gift giving. He is treating it seriously.

But any maternal will also want to roll the eyes when you receive such a gift!

Why should his wife give her a gift after giving birth?In fact, it is to make her happy, thank you for giving birth to a child who has been suffering.

The gift represents the attitude of my husband: Although I can’t bear the suffering of pregnancy for you, I look at your hard work and feel the same.

Therefore, the maternal will be happy after receiving a gift after giving birth to a child, and she will feel that she is understood and caring.

But gift giving is also a science. Since it is necessary to please the mother, I ca n’t want me to think, but from the perspective of the mother, she thinks it is really good.


A plaque can neither replace the hard work of the maternal fertility, nor can it alleviate the fatigue of postpartum.If you really feel bad about his wife, take the child to be more considerate and more considerate.

The birth of the child is only the first step of the Long March. Every step in the future is a challenge for novice mothers.

For example, after being unable to sleep, Zhang Yiyi had a mobile phone alarm map after giving birth to a child, namely 00: 00, 01: 00, 04: 30, 09: 10, 13: 30, 17: 00, 21:00, and 21: 00.This is the alarm clock she set up to remind her to pump her milk.

In other words, there is not much time to leave my mother to rest every day, and I have been lucky to sleep for an hour or two.

After the child is born, he has to feed milk every two or three hours, and he has to pat, change diapers, and sleep, and it is no exception at night.Staying up late for a week is enough to make people collapse, but staying up late is a common meal, and KPIs that need to be completed every night.

In addition to staying up late to bring baby, most novice mothers also face the trouble of postpartum depression.

The level of hormone in the body began to decrease+identity conversion is not adaptive+the hand of the baby is helpless+parenting contradictions. After the postpartum factors are superimposed, it is easy to make the novice mothers emotionally unstable, sensitive, crying, and irritability …

Relevant data shows that 50%to 70%of women have more or less postpartum depression.

In addition, after giving birth to children, mothers will also face conflict, conflict between mother -in -law, contradictions, and childcare …

Therefore, taking care of the woman is not a simple "wife, you have worked hard", "xxx, the child is awesome" can be done.

If you care about it, what is more practical than dry.

If you really grateful for your wife’s fertility, it is better to take out some actual actions and change diaper and slap your child; when the child is crying at night, he slips up to coax the child, so that his wife can rest more.

When my wife is in a bad mood, she can be patient and find a way to coax her to be happy; when the mother -in -law has contradictions, stand up and mediate in time, instead of being invisible like a transparent person …

These small things are much more weight than those plaques and the text on the plaque.

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