Demonstrate 10 small secrets of dogs, should the dog raising people know all?

Hey, friends who raise dogs!Have you ever thought that your beloved dogs have some small secrets?Today I will unveil these mysterious veils and let you know more about your furry friends!Come and listen to the little secrets behind these scenes, maybe you will be shocked!

1. The dog’s sense of smell is 100,000 times stronger than us!Yes, you didn’t hear it right, their noses are really super powerful!They can smell the smell we can’t detect, and even identify the smell of different people.So don’t be surprised when you go home, your dog has smelled the smell of barbecue!

2. Dog’s tail is not just used to shake!Tail is a way of emotional expression.When they are happy, they shake their tails, and when they are scared or uneasy, the tail may be tightened or lower.So pay attention to observing your dog’s tail, you can understand their emotions at the moment.

3. Dogs can actually dream!Yes, just like us, they can also experience various wonderful things in their sleep.You may see their legs, crying, and even chasing illusions.This is because their brains perform various activities in sleep, just like we dream.

4. Dogs have their own body language.Through their posture, expressions, and actions, they convey information to us.When they shake their tails, they are friendly; when their ears are erected, they are vigilant.Learn to understand the physical language of dogs can better communicate with them and build trust relationships.

5. Dogs like to be touched are not just belly.We often say that dogs like to be stroked, but in fact, some dogs don’t like this, because they feel that this is an act of violating their territory.Most dogs prefer to be touched on the head, chest, and jaw area. This is their performance that they recognize your master.

6. Dogs don’t like to be embraced!Although we often feel that hugging is a way to express love, this may be a threat to dogs.They prefer to interact, play, and contact you, rather than being embraced.Therefore, don’t take embrace as the only way of expression and respect the personality and preferences of dogs.

7. The social needs of dogs are not limited to the same kind.Although dogs like to play with other dogs, they also need social interaction with humans.Interaction with humans can enhance their social ability, trust, and happiness.

Therefore, in addition to playing with other dogs, accompany your dogs, and accompany them as a reward at the same time as a reward for some snacks, they will be very happy.

8. Dogs have their own personality and preferences.Like people, each dog has its own unique personality and preference.Some dogs like to be quiet, some like to active; some like toys, and some like to receive training.Understanding your dog’s personality and preferences can better meet their needs and provide the right environment and activities.

9. Dogs’ ears need to pay special attention.Dogs’ ears are places where bacteria and ear mites are easy to accumulate, especially those vertical ears.Checking and cleaning your dog’s ears regularly can prevent ear infection and discomfort.Use a special ear cleaner and clean according to the instructions.

10. Dogs need regular diet and exercise.Providing regular diet and moderate exercise for dogs are the key to maintaining their health and happiness.According to the age, body shape and health status of dogs, provide a balanced nutritional diet and take them out regularly.

It is recommended to choose some dog food rich in meat to feed dogs to provide it with nutrition, such as the figure below.

So, do you know the small secrets of these dogs?I hope that these behind -the -scenes secrets can help you better understand and take care of your dogs.Remember, establishing a good relationship with the dog and providing appropriate care will add more fun and happiness to the friendship between you.

Conclusion: Do you still know which small secrets of dogs?

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