Deng Chao Sun Yan was rumored to divorce, and the man was exposed to derailment 19 -year -old model.

Last month, Sun Yan had a 40th birthday. On such an important day, Deng Chao, as a good husband, did not send blessings. Many netizens speculated that the two would not be divorced!

On October 15th, some media met the Sun Yan and Deng Chao at the entrance of a hotel in Shanghai. This is the first time that the two have appeared in front of the public after the two divorced.Essence

On the same day, Sun Yan wore a blue shirt with black trousers, with a famous brand bag on his body, and his short hair looked very capable.Deng Chao wore a peaked hat and a gray T -shirt with jeans. The two walked out of the hotel together and stood at the door to chat with friends.

I saw Deng Chao holding a document bag. He looked at an old man in a white shirt. After the two were embarrassed, Deng Chao shook hands with the other party. He bent down and looked very polite.Immediately afterwards, the old man in white shook hands with Sun Yan again. Finally, the couple waved farewell to each other.

In the end, the Sun Yan and his wife left by the nanny car. The media said that it seems that netizens have speculated that Sun Yan and Deng Chao’s divorce is not a fact.

Attentive netizens found that there were host Cao Kefan, Wang Guan and others in the party. The old man wearing white shirts was Wang Tianyun. He had been a producer. Several people gathered together. It is estimated that the contract was signed.A folder.

Earlier, some netizens broke the news that Deng Chao was suspected to be derailed. The woman was a 19 -year -old tender model.After being discovered by Sun Yan, she also ran to the hotel to hit the other party, but the news should not be taken seriously.

Coincidentally, after Sun Yan spent last month, Deng Chao did not say anything, it was not normal.In the past, Deng Chao often left a message in Sun Yan’s comment area, but in the past two years, the interaction between the two sides was significantly less.

Although the two have less interaction, Sun Yan’s studio has exposed a family of four rural life. During this time, Deng Chao may work quietly.During the peak.

In the photo, Deng Chao and Xiaohua’s sister holding a sweet potato, without looking at it carefully, could not recognize that this was Deng Chao.The couple picked vegetables together in the countryside. It can be seen that Sun Yan and Deng Chao did not have any discord. The reason why they did not respond. It is estimated that they did not want to pay attention to the online remarks!

Deng Chao and Sun Yan became associated with "Happiness Like Flowers". Five years after falling in love, the two registered to get married.When Sun Yan was pregnant, Deng Chao pushed away a lot of work and had always taken care of Sun Yan at home.In a blink of an eye, the two have been married for 12 years. Although there are many rumors, it has not affected the feelings of both parties.

Finally, I wish Sun Yan and Deng Chao, hoping that their family would always be happy.What do you think about this?

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